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Feel the Thrill When Trekking to Everest Base Camp

2016/7/26 17:42:19

Undoubtedly, the most challenging task for any mountain climber in the world is to make the trek to Khumbu, Nepal to make an attempt to climb the Mount Everest. One of the most popular excursions around Mount Everest is to travel through the base camp. This is a great way to have less risky adventures around Mount Everest. Prior to making the trek to the Everest base camp, there are several preparations that should be made ahead of time. With a bit of careful preparations, you can have an unforgettable experience while there.

Typically, trekkers visit the region between the beginning of March through mid-May and again from September through mid-November. This would require that perspective trekkers would need to make travel preparations during this time. It is also important to make travel plans far enough in advance, due to the popularity of this particular adventure. Make sure to also check for any recent avalanches as this may change operations at the base camp and possibly close the area until further notice.

It is a good idea to find out which permit is required, what to bring along, safety information and medical tips that are necessary to know before going. Due to the popularity of the trek, permits tend to be high priced during the peak season. Also, it may be a bit more difficult to find a Sherpa (local person) that can be hired to help you make your way around of the base. Although the base trek may not be as difficult, it is still a good idea to make sure that you know where you are and where you are going. The Sherpas can assist with navigation, carrying equipment and a host of other tasks that make your experience more enjoyable. Be sure to negotiate with your private guide well in advance, since this will help avoid any misunderstandings.

You will find many tiny villages that are scattered throughout the trekking route. Many of them are accustomed to tourists from around the world and many of them speak a bit of English, so it is easy to ask them for directions if you are lost. There are also many teahouses that are on the route, so you will have plenty of areas to rest in before heading out for your next day's excursion. In the event that you forget to bring something or need to get more food and supplies, there are several places along the path that sell these items for a reasonable price. Try to get a clear idea of how much more you will need to buy while at the shop since extra weight may be unnecessarily burdensome while you are walking along the trail.

Make sure to have a map of various locations to stop, in the event that there is sudden inclement weather that happens while you are travelling. This is particularly important to know if you had to travel during the rainy months of May and June. If you are interested in taking an organized trek to Everest base camp with a group, it is critical to get the proper information since the government has very strict rules about which companies and guides are allowed to operate. If you are more adventurous, you can also take your own independent trip around the area.

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