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How to Stay Cool when Its Hot at Camp

2016/7/26 18:06:03

Your parents just sent you to this cool new camp that opened up a few miles away from your house this summer. Once you step out of the air conditioned bus, all this hot air just blasts at you. What do you do, especially when you are staying there overnight? This article just might help you.


  1. 1 Bring a small cooler with a couple of ice cold water bottles to camp. In that cooler you want to pack 6 20oz. soda bottles; 2 of them full of ice; 2 of them with about 2 inches (5.1 cm) of ice in the bottom and filled will cool/cold water; and the other 2 full of cold water. Not only will you be refreshed, all of your fellow campers will appreciate the water, especially if they didn't bring any water for their own. Water cools the body. The more you drink, the more you can sweat, making you cooler in the long run. There is a point where you can overdo it, so be careful.
  2. 2 Bring something to wipe yourself off as your hike, you are going to sweat a lot. You don't want to be a fountain of sweat, do you? Bring 2 or 3 large bandannas, the kind you find in department stores. Soak one in cool water from the sink, roll it up, and tie it lightly around your neck. As the water evaporates it will carry off heat. Take another and wrap it around your water bottle. It will soak up the condensation from the bottle. When you wipe your brow you will also get a cool wipe.
  3. 3 Bring a fan so you can cool yourself. There are some excellent portable fans that you can buy from a local drugstore. They are portable and they have a lanyard that you can hang on your neck so that you don't have to hold onto the fan the whole time. The fans usually cost from about 1 dollar to 5 dollars. They are cheap and convenient. If you forgot to get one when you were packing your luggage, try to fold a paper fan.
  4. 4 Bring loose clothing like tank tops and shorts. Bringing clothes like that would help a lot if the weather there is scorching.
    • Gently moisten loose clothing. It wicks off heat the same way as the bandanna. The loose clothing should also be light clothing. It wouldn't make much sense to wear sweat pants in the middle of the desert. Even if you're not in the desert, the clothing traps the sun's heat, making you warmer. In other words, wear appropriate clothing for the environment.
  5. 5 Bring thin blankets, not large and thick ones, for nights. If it happens to be cool at night, you can use a thin blanket. You don't want to be sweating your blanket until it's soaked when the air heats up.  
  6. 6 Keep your head covered/shaded as best you can. Straw hats or wet cloth hats are good, or stay in the shade. If the sun is shining on your head, you will only feel warmer. Do not wear fuzzy hats or any hats that will only trap heat inside the hat.
  7. 7 Don't wear a shirt if you are a boy, except in the sun. You can't afford to burn. That is the best way to stay cool. At night also don't wear a shirt unless it gets cold at night.
  8. 8 Girls stick to a thin cotton t-shirt. Something that breathes well. I know it's flattering, but this is not the place for the tight jeans.

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