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Guide to Buying Camping Gear

Whether you are going to camp in local lake, big national park or your own backyard, you will need various camping gears such as backpacks, tents, stoves, grills, sleeping bags, lanterns and flashlights. You can either go for new camping gears, but if the budget is limited, you must checkout the cheap, closeout or discount camping gear that are available at giveaway prices.

Camping Gears

Camping tents are available in various sizes such as child sized, dome, backpacking, 4-season, large cabin models or pet specific, providing a shelter for everyone in the group. Before buying camping gear, it is important to understand that they are an important investment and you must prepare yourself for all the worst possible type of weathers. If you are buying a hiking or backpacking tent, weight is a big concern but always buy 1 or 2 size bigger than what you really need so that there is enough space for your other stuff as well.

Sleeping bag is another important accessory that you must keep in mind while buying camping gear. It should be rated for the lowest possible temperature and should be able to insulate you from the cold outside. The insulation can either be down or synthetic. Down is the filamentous and fluffy layer under the feather, whereas synthetic are usually hollow plastic threads and trap the warm air.

Camping cookware is also an important part of buying camping gear and you must make sure that it is versatile and tough. Kitchen cookware will not last long as camp cooking in the outdoors is a lot more demanding than what kitchen utensils are made for. It is best to invest in heavy-duty cookware with tight-fitting lids. Camping lights are available in different sizes, shapes and level of brightness. They can be lanterns, handlamps or LED flashlights with each having its own advantages and disadvantages and you can choose as per how far you are from help, how many activities you do etc. You can also invest in buying camping gear that can make your trip more comfortable, such as chairs, tables, camping cots, hammocks, air mattresses and sleeping pads.

Where To Find Camping Gear

Buying camping gear is not easy and you need find a reputable retailer that offers good products along with customer service. Some of the companies that offer good camping supplies are Zappos, backcountry, altrec, REI, L.L.Bean, Cabela’s and Campmor. There are some great online stores that help you buy camping gear online. Buying online is very easy and you can compare prices offered buy all the retailers before making your decision. You can also read the product and company reviews before buying camping gear so that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of available products.

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