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The Beauty Seen and Felt While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

This article is not a description on how Kilimanjaro looks or what ordeal one faces while climbing the mountains of Kilimanjaro. It is just a flow in words of what is coming to the mind of the writer writing in this article.

It is a calling that propels the adventure-seeking people to explore the dark, mysterious mountains all across the world. "While I ascend towards the top, I feel as if I am about to see something big. This is the feeling that holds me till the end." And this not just the claim from one adventurer, all the aspirants who would love to visit the mountains of Kilimanjaro or have already gone yet want to make a second visit voice the same opinion. A veteran in climbing mountains would probably go alone or with few friends in the upcoming visits, however, it is recommended to all the first timers to bring along a guide to channel you through the expedition. These first-timers are strictly forbidden not to take any risk. Rock climbing expeditions may sound alluring- yes, it is- yet the help of a guide would not place you amidst unanticipated obstacles.

Trust the eulogy by the acclaimed writers who have come here and breathed in the natural air of these mountains. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has always attracted visitors from across the globe because of its beautiful snow-capped peaks and redoubtable height that might put the climbers in panic for some time but kick off the longing with much more blaze in all those audacious climbers. Bring the right kind of clothes that would make your journey convenient. At the bottom of the mountains is the hot rain forest full of exotic animals. People need to understand the altitude sickness before embarking upon the journey. The fact that Mount Kilimanjaro is 19000 feet high, make sure that you are ready for the freezing cold that has taken life of many.

The ascending journey is not as easy as assumed by many. It is not just about climbing the rocks of these mountains; you have to climb the jagged road which would be wearisome after a certain point of time. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Near the borders of Kenya and Tanzania, the view of the mountain is spectacular. The number of days taken to climb the mountain is generally eight but ‘Go To Mount Kenya' can make your dream come true by providing the best facilities along with the adventure that is bestowed by the heavenly Kilimanjaro.

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