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How to Make a Compact Survival Kit

This article will teach you how to make a all purpose survival kit. This kit can be used if you get lost on a hike or if you just want to have some fun.


  1. 1 Find your container. Old watch tins and Altoid tins work well.
  2. 2 Gather your supplies. You will want to have:
    • electrical tape
    • band-aids
    • clip light
    • reliable folding knife
    • wood matches
    • sugar and tea
    • a small flashlight
    • tinfoil
    • duct tape
    • a birthday candle or small candle
    • razor blades (wrap them in masking tape so they don't cut you)
    • cotton string
    • alcohol wipe
    • cotton balls
    • tissues
    • a fishing line
    • hooks
    • an old film container
    • a tiny bobber
    • a small rubber lure
    • a plastic bags (a lot of them)
  3. 3 Put everything in organized piles. Cotton balls, tissues, alcohol wipe, and band-aids in one pile. Tea bags and sugar in another. Tie the string and wrap it tightly and put it in the pile, and do the same with the tapes. Take a couple matches and the strike the strip and put it in the pile. Then the candle, flashlight, string, razors and tape in as well. Then put all the fishing gear in the film canister and put that to the side. Then put each of your piles in separate bags. Remember to squeeze all the air out of the bags or else they won't fit in the tin.
  4. 4 Buy a survival knife. Make sure it has a lifetime guarantee, that way there's less chance of mechanical failure when you need it the most. When you find one that suits your needs, make sure you sharpen it as finely as possible. Remember - a knife is only as good as it's blade. If you can cut through a regular sheet of printer paper with one swipe, you'll be set. Also make sure you know how to sharpen the knife in the wild using alternative techniques. If your knife goes dull in a survival situation, you might as well have no knife at all.
  5. 5 Pack everything in your tin. Put your first-aid kit in, then your tea and sugar, then your knife and carabiner, and then your matches, tape string, candle, and razor blade.

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