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5 Best Home Rock Climbing Walls

2016/7/25 17:54:11

If you're looking to buy a home climbing system, check out these 5 best home rock climbing walls. Trying to make one yourself can be very dangerous. Buying your home rock climbing wall from a trusted source will be safer and easier. Additionally, the best home rock climbing wall for you will depend on your climbing goals. Some walls, such as overhangs, are better for strength training and others, like combination vertical walls are better suited for endurance training. Here are 5 of the best home rock climbing walls. Note: If you are buying a home rock climbing wall, you will also need a crash pad or a mat conducive with indoor climbing.

  1. El Dorado custom "Realrock" wall. El Dorado's motto is, "if you can dream it, we can build it." They will construct the best climbing wall based on what kind of rock climbing you want to do, your budget and the size of your home. This climbing wall feels like a real rock and is as durable as a real rock. The Realrock also has built in holds and the option of belay bars. The Realrock can be made to suit any ability level.
  2. El Dorado "Solidrock" traverse panel. This is a best buy for home wall rock climbing. This panel is discrete and would fit in any home. It is made of lightweight fiberglass and stands 4'x4' when assembled. It almost looks like a work of art. This home rock climbing wall is best for kids and beginners wanting to improve their technique and strength.
  3. El Dorado freestanding Chameleon Boulder. This affordable home rock climbing wall is approximately nine and a half feet tall, and with an eight foot diameter. The Chameleon Boulder is best for large homes or the backyard. You can also expand on this boulder wall by adding more panels. This home rock climbing wall is easy to move even if you have already set it up. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as the "realrock" or "solidrock."
  4. Treadwall Kore. This is a best home climbing wall for people who don't want to spend a lot or money and/or want something very compact. This wall is unique because it has 280 holds and various settings, so you don't get bored and can practice different aspects of climbing. It is like a treadmill and a rock wall in one unit. You can adjust the speed too.
  5. Ledgewall Panels. This home rock climbing system is the least expensive. It features 54 pre installed T-nuts for holds and 48''x48'' walls. All you have to do is screw the panels in place and you are ready to start climbing. The ledgewall panels cost 250 dollars for the unpainted version and 320 dollars for the painted black version (mats are included).
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