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Enjoy Cycling on European River Cruises

2016/7/25 14:31:31

Not all European river cruises are just about life on the barge. Why not combine barging with cycling for a cruise with a difference?

If you're looking for a holiday with a difference, you should definitely consider one of the excellent European river cruises. And if you think that this kind of holiday could be limiting in terms of what you can see and do, you would be very mistaken. On good European river cruises, apart from being taken through some of the most stunning scenery, you can get off the barge to explore local towns and places of interest and even get involved in a number of activities.

Some companies offer themed cruises as part of their portfolio, and some of the most popular are the cycling ones. Whether you choose to barge through the Loire Valley or explore the vineyards of Burgundy, you can enjoy a relaxing cycling experience at the same time. Although you get see much of the countryside while reclining on the deck of the barge itself, you can see so much more when exploring the cycle routes along the canals, and through quaint villages and charming towns. With a cycle tour guide and routes tailored to your ability, a cycle themed cruise is ideal for the discerning traveller looking for something a little different.

Cycling in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is fed by the River Cher, the famous cargo-carrying river that has been a key transport route since Roman times. This stunning part of France is a region well known for its magnificent castles, wonderful vineyards and elegant beauty, so makes the ideal location for European river cruises. Steeped in a rich history and full of tradition, much of this region has remained unchanged for centuries.

While cycling along the well-serviced cycle paths in the Loire valley you will stumble upon tiny villages with busy street cafes, winding cobbled streets and traditional handicraft shops. Open air markets are always fun to discover and you will have plenty of opportunity for wine and cheese tasting too. Possible excursions that you could include on your cruise are an excursion to the Chateau D’Amboise, a visit to a Troglodyte cave, and wine tastings at Montrichard and Domaine de Fontenay. You could even treat yourself and indulge in a highflying experience in a hot air balloon, which is complemented by a gourmet picnic and plenty of wine.

You can expect a high standard of service and excellent accommodation on any of the high quality European river cruises, and it goes without saying that the food served on board is also first class. The dedicated crew take good care of you, and on the cycle cruises your guide is there to hep you make the most out of every excursion you choose.
Cycle themed river cruises – what a fantastic idea!

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