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How to Choose your Cycling Tour to France?

2016/7/25 14:31:39

On your cycling vacation to France, you'll travel with confidence and cycle with the peace of mind because you know that it's just you, your bike and free-spirited road.

There's a cycling tour for almost every fit traveler, But to find your perfect cycling tour of France, you’ll need to assess some important points with your tour operator. How do you prefer to cycle, independently or in a group??What kind of accommodation are you looking for? What kind of meals are you expecting? What’s your idea of adventure and comfort level? These are all things must be considered before you start planning 牋a French cycling holiday.

What should you ask the tour Operator?

There are a number of details you should ask, before you book your cycling holiday in France. Find out the deposit necessary to book the trip, and check their refund policy as well as trip cancellation terms. It's also important to ask, if you'll need to know basic bike maintenance skills. Ask also if the tour requires any special knowledge or equipment.?Or, if you prefer to bring your own bike, can the company help with transfers from the airport/train station.

What is a Guided Cycling Holiday?

A guided cycling tour is assisted by a small support crew, led by an experienced guide. Your belongings such as food, clothing, Etc. are carried in a vehicle that meets you at various checkpoints. Guided bicycle tours range in size from 2 to 20+ people with tour participants coming from different corners of the world. Tour De France Bike Tours牋may vary in price and quality from deluxe tours with top notch hotel accommodations to inexpensive camping tours. Trip lengths also vary accordingly from 2 days to 8 months or more. There are a number of tours that also offer single day guides, tours without accommodation or meals.If you enjoy traveling in groups, making new friends, then 牋guided bicycle tour is the best for you.

What is a self-guided cycling holiday?

These tours are cheaper than a guided cycling tour. Self-guided bicycle tours are similar to a guided bicycle tour in terms of route, lodging and meals, which are taken care by tour operator.?The difference, however, is that in self-guided tour, you are not joined by touring guide instead, you navigate through a pre-designed route of your own. Although in these tours, you don’t have a cycling guide, someone is always available at the other end on the phone for emergencies or mechanical help. Self-guided bicycle tours are done alone or in small sized groups.

What is a fixed base cycling holiday?

Put simply, these are cycling holidays that use a fixed, base – usually a hotel, or some other camping location. From these locations, you can explore the local area and travel with ease. The fixed base tour offers you the choice of being guided or self-guided. These are organized through a tour operator, with a daily route mapped out within a set radius from your accommodation.

Occasionally, your tour operator will have additional transport to ride starting points in the farther afield. Fixed base cycling is a flexible option that gives you the opportunity to alter your daily rides. Cost difference of various tours are related to the level of accommodation, meals, luggage handling etc.

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