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4 Bike Maintenance Tips for Spring

Run Through the GearsStart your spring check-up by shifting through all of your bikes gear combinations. Make sure the chain moves smoothly, without any skips o

How to Wrap Your Handlebars [Video]

Bar tape is the perfect barometer for how well one takes care of his or her bike. If you’re sporting dirty, soot-covered bar tape, you might want to think about

Cyclings 10 Commandments of Training

1. Have a Plan Winging it is fine sometimes, but it doesnt quite cut it when you want to achieve something great. Truly remarkable accomplishments, wh

How to Become a Faster Sprinter on the Bike

Sprinting is a primary component of cycling for racers and recreational riders alike, but it’s often neglected in training programs. Base miles are in the bank

Tyler Hamilton’s 6 Tips for Cycling Enthusiasts

Is the passion and energy that initially spurred your interest in cycling still there?Whether youre a beginner on the bike or youve been riding for years, its i

A Commuter Rides a Century: 4 Quick Tips for Shifting Gears

Follow Active.com Editor Brian Kendall as he trains for his first century ride. Check out his last entry here.For a long time, I pretended my 9-speed road bike

Why Your Saddle Height Needs to Be Right

While there are a number of factors to consider when finding the perfect position on the bike, the height of the saddle is perhaps the most important—and can ma

Should Cyclists Do CrossFit?

It’s safe to say that, unless you’ve spent the last few years literally living in the saddle, you have heard of CrossFit. CrossFit, which is best known for shor

How to Protect Your Private Parts on the Bike

Genital and perineal pain and numbness in bicyclists, which is also called, “Cyclists Syndrome” or pudendal neuralgia, is caused by compression of the pudendal

Tyler Hamilton: What I Wish I Knew About Cycling

When I began cycling way back when, there were so many things I didnt know. To be honest, I didnt really care--I was young and enjoyed cycling for simple reason

Bike Computers vs. Smartphones: What Do You Need?

New technology has made keeping track of your cycling data easier than ever. But is the latest and greatest cycling computer that spouts out a bevy of numbers a

8 Reasons to Ride in the Rain

“Go out and ride in the rain.” That’s the advice Kate Veronneau—a guide with Thomson Bike Tours—gives to everyone who signs up for one of her trips to

4 Tricks to Prevent and Remove Grease Stains

Stains happen if you’re a cyclist. And clothing grease stains—those big black marks that somehow manage to spread faster than a plague—are some of the toughest

8 Tips to Lose Weight From Cycling

While most people start cycling for different reasons, two common benefits to taking part in the sport are increased fitness and staying trim. But just because

A Commuter Rides a Century: How to Avoid Cramping and Bonking

Follow Active.com Editor Brian Kendall as he trains for his first century ride. Check out his last entry here.“Nutrition is the difference between completing a

The Ultimate Training Plan for Any Ride

No matter the goal you want to tackle this summer, you’re going to need a plan. We got Sweeney and Rusch’s longtime coach Dean Gorlich to walk us through the co

11 Ways to Boost Your Motivation to Ride

All athletes—novices and pros—struggle with motivation. Even when it’s your job (perhaps especially when it’s your job) it can be difficult to find the will to

George Hincapies Inside Look at the Tour de France

The Tour de France is rolling through its first week, and like every other cycling fan I love being a spectator. But while the Tour clicks off for us at the con

How Sleep Affects Your Ride

We all know that sleep is important, but you might not be aware of how dramatically it can help or hinder your cycling performance. The research is clear that,

How to Play Pokemon Go on the Bike

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock to avoid Tour de France stage spoilers, you’re likely aware of the phenomenon of Pokémon Go. The “augmented reality” gami

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