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Caring For Swiss Stop Pads

2016/7/25 11:08:55

Swiss Stop brake pads are different than standard brake pads. Their complex compound requires slightly different servicing and installation to ensure top performance.

Normal black rubber pads require filing regularly to expose fresh and clean compound. We do not recommend regular filing of Swiss Stop brake pads because Swiss Stop brake pads do not collect aluminum. All that is required to clean the pads is a good wipe with a damp rag. If you feel like they are extremely dirty and a rag is not enough try using sand paper.

Many riders may also benefit from removing the toe-in that is often required with black rubber pads. If you previously had rubber pads installed at a bike shop, then you likely have toe-in. Swiss Stop pads operate very quietly. Toe-in only reduces braking performance by stressing the leading edge of the pad. Best performance is experienced when the braking force is evenly distributed along the entire length of the brake pad.

Swiss Stop's yellow colored brake pads are designed specifically for carbon rims with light weight components. Predictable braking is just one of the many benefits of Swiss Stop brake pads. These pads are different than standard brake pads and have an optimum compound containing a variety of materials that produce outstanding braking performance with minimal effort with the brake lever.

Swiss Stop is proud to be the "unofficial" choice of many professional cyclists. Many Pro Riders have switched out their stock brake pads for Swiss Stop over the past several years. With state of the art materials and 70 years in the industry are the foundation of the Swiss Stop products.

If you have any questions about Swiss Stop brake pads or have a helpful tip, email us. We’d love to hear your feedback! We may even post it on our website and send you something!
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