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Best Road Bikes Under $500 - Cheap Road Bikes For Sale Online

2016/7/25 11:28:35

How to choose and buy the best road bike which is easy on the pocket

Road bicycles for sale

Best Road Bikes Under $500 DollarsLooking for the best yet cheap road bike that you can use could be quite a daunting task. With the average prices of reliable bicycles ballooning out of our finances' reach, we should look for the right ones which would not put a heavy burden on our pockets.

Riding a bicycle or road bicycle for that matter could give you more benefits physically and emotionally. It can help you strengthen your cardiovascular system as well as your whole body. In terms of emotional benefits, bicycle riding can help you relieve stress and lets you have a positive outlook in life.

The list of the best road bikes below could help you choose and decide which one to buy. Some of these bicycle are priced below 500 dollars and could well be affordable. Just be sure to choose the cheapest yet reliable one.

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1) Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle

With a price under $500, this Schwinn Prelude Road Bike could be the one that you're looking for. It is a versatile bicycle and can be used for both pleasure riding and commuting. Or if you want a more vigorous activity, you can use this for fitness riding. It has a frame made from strong aluminum with drop handlebars, and attached with the signature Schwinn road fork.

This Prelude road bike has a 14-speed Shimano drive train. It is now currently sold at a discounted price which makes this road bike one of the cheapest bikes for sale online. What complements this road bike in order for you to move fast is that this road bikes drive train is equipped with the latest A050 shifters and lightweight cranks that are made from alloy.

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2) Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

This road bike is currently sold at a price ranges which are within your reach. However, these are much cheaper compared to other road bikes sold online. This bike ha

Cheap Road Bikes For Sales a strong steel frame which is handcrafted and ideal for commuting, however it is sturdy and can withstand the rigors of everyday commuting. It has a hub which can be modified into a standard free-wheel or into a fixed gear single speed mode.

This Takara Kabuto road bike is capable of withstanding some of the roughest roads. It weighs at about 29 pounds and its strong frame has a 54-centimeter top tube with a horizontal drop out. This road bike guarantees your safety with pull brakes made of alloy.

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3) Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike

Made for a city rider, this Giordano Rapido single-speed bike is made with a flip flop hub in order for you to modify it into a standard free-wheel single speed mode or as a fixed-gear bicycle. This cheap road bike for sale online is made from strong and sturdy steel frame which is handcrafted, and it has strong horizontal dropouts that can withstand the abuse of using the road bike in different kinds of terrain.

Bicycles For Sale OnlineWith a price well with under 500 dollars, this road bike is equipped with wheels that has Kenda-made tires. For a safe, simple, yet adventurous bicycle ride around the city and in the wild, you can be sure that you'll enjoy this Giordano Rapido bike. At the save time that you save money, you also improve your health just by riding a bike to and fro your home and place of business instead of riding a taxi or bus.
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