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Do you really need bicycle gloves?

2016/7/25 11:30:39

Do you really need bicycle gloves? This is a question many new cyclists ask time and time again and the answer will always be the same. Yes – if you like cycling you do need a pair of bicycle gloves. 

Wearing a pair of bicycle gloves offers many advantages, although these never become apparent until you actually buy a pair of bicycle gloves and go for a long ride. 

So, what are the advantages of wearing bicycle gloves when cycling? Carry on reading and you will soon discover the answers and realise how important a bit of kit a good quality pair of bicycle gloves actually is. 

"It's all about looking after your hands"

The best bicycle gloves



1) Why you need bicycle gloves - Improved grip and control 

When you are out on your bike you are going to get hot and sweaty, especially on one of those hot and humid days, and your hands are going to sweat too. Bicycle gloves are made out of a wicking material that will retain the sweat and keep it from dripping on to your handlebars, hence giving you more grip and more control over your cycle. 

You also need bicycle gloves to retain the sweat and stop it dripping on to your cycle’s components, such as the gear shifters and brakes, as sweat will actually cause components to deteriorate over time. 

2) Why you need bicycle gloves – To wipe your nose and mop your brow 

When you’re out for a ride you will probably suffer from a runny nose. This affects many cyclists and is nothing to worry about, even though it is quite annoying. Bicycle gloves have a small piece of fabric on back of the thumb that is designed to wipe your nose as you ride. This small piece of fabric can also be used to wipe the sweat from your brow and stop it running in to your eyes. 

3) Why you need bicycle gloves – Shock absorption 

Bicycle gloves have a padded palm, which is usually a gel insert, which absorbs the shocks put through your handlebars whilst you are out on a ride. 

These “shock absorbers” help to make the ride more comfortable and also helps to prevent any aches and pains you would sustain after the ride had you not worn the bicycle gloves. 

4) Why you need bicycle gloves – Comfort and protection 

Those people who have spent more than twenty minutes or so riding will appreciate that cycling is hard on your hands. When cycling you put a lot of weight on your hands and wearing a decent pair of bicycle gloves will help prevent blisters on your palms. 

Bicycle gloves also offer an extra layer of protection against other hazards, such as stones being flicked up by cars, overhanging branches and brambles that can cut in to your hands. 

5) Why you need bicycle gloves – Warmth 

There is nothing worse than cold hands and fingers, and wearing a pair of bicycle gloves stops this. If you are warm you will perform better, therefore you need to ensure your hands don’t get too cold. Even on those hot days your hands can get cold when out for a long ride, remember there is a wind chill factor when you are cycling at 15mph plus, so bicycle gloves are very important. 

Whilst you want your hands to be warm you don’t want them to be too hot, therefore there are several different types of gloves to make sure you can choose the best pair for the weather conditions. The types of bicycle gloves include fingerless, full fingered, summer, winter, autumn and a combination. 

6) Why you need bicycle gloves – Protection in a crash 

If you ride a bike, you will fall off and have a crash at some point. It doesn’t matter how careful you are it is going to happen so you need to prepare for that day. 

The road surface is rough, trails are stony or muddy and full of other hazards like rocks and brambles, therefore your hands are going to take quite a beating when you do fall off. A pair of bicycle gloves is another layer to get through before your skin comes in to contact with the ground. 

7) Why you need bicycle gloves – For style 

There are many things in life about image and style, and cycling is one of them. Bicycle gloves may you look good, which will make you feel good, which will make you ride harder and faster. It is a psychological thing and there is nothing wrong with wearing a pair of bicycle gloves purely for look, although you will soon find out there are other advantages as detailed above.


If you spend a lot of time in the saddle, whether cycling to work, cycling for fun or cycling with the family and have never tried a pair of bicycle gloves you need to get out there and try them. 

If you are looking for some decent bicycle gloves

there are loads of different places to try. You can try your local sports or bicycle store. Alternatively, you can get online where you will get an even bigger choice and get the best deals around on top road cycling gloves, mountain bike gloves and all other types of bicycle gloves you can think of.
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