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Safe Kids Reflectors Amazing Reflective Stickers and Reflector Stickers

2016/7/25 11:39:15

What initially started as a campaign to help saves lives has now become a trend among people of all age groups. Reflective Shoe Laces came into the market in the mid 1990's when florescent colors were first introduced to the world of fashion. Initially people did not like to be seen in such bright and glow in the dark colors but with time they became a fashion sense and no child would want to be seen without the funky laces.

Companies such as Safe Kids Worldwide used this new trend to their advantage and associated it with safety for children. They went a step ahead and introduced a variety of other wearable reflective products that are fashionable and have a durable adhesive that will stick on your shoes for a long time. Another step the company has taken to differentiate its products from competitors is by adding unique 'tag lines'.

List of other reflective products:

* Sneaker shape reflector zipper tags - 'Walk left - Ride right' reminds the wearer to use the roads and footpaths correctly.
* Reflector Lace tags that glow in the dark and are easily attached to your laces. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.
* Reflective stickers specially made for sneakers that say 'WALK FACING TRAFFIC' a polite way of reminding the pedestrian of the lawful way of walking on roadways.
* Reflector shoe pockets that can be laced easily in front of the sneaker.
* Reflective strips that can stick easily on any surface.

Although they are mostly used in the winter season in regions where it is dark through out the day many other countries have adapted this new trend and are encouraging the citizens to use the same especially during the night so that they are visible to motorists.

This unique and fashionable safety tool is a great hit among kids between the ages of 3-12 year and because they are easy to use and affordable parents have no objection if their children want an assortment of these items.

Reflector sticker can be used not only on shoes but on other surfaces as well such as bicycle helmets, skate boards, school bags and jackets.

Safe Kids Worldwide can supply their products to any part of the world and they have a unique system that allows customers to track their order online. Many companies are using their products to promote their own products at trade fairs.
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