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Right Bike Size - Quick Guide For You

2016/7/25 11:39:39

Finding the right bike size for women's bicycles is the first thing any one should resolve before buying the bicycle of his dreams. Why? It is because proper sizing is key when you to travel with comfort and utmost performance. Landing on a bike that is too small can strain your pedaling techniques. A big bike, on the other hand, can be very difficult to maneuver.

Bicycles definitely come in different sizes. These sizes are in accordance to the differences among varied riders. More so, these sizes are perfect for professional and non-professional riders. Most of the modern model of bikes suit people with average height. However, adjustments may be made on the seats of these models in accordance to the rider's height.

The first step on getting the right bike size is to check out the frames. You would definitely need the frame to match the length of your leg. Do a stand-over exercise. Extend your leg over the bike's tube and sit astride it. Make sure that you will get plenty of stand-over room. It is advisable that you wear your shoes when executing this exercise to have an exact calculation.

After the frame, check on height. You will need to sit on the bike for this. As you sit, use your leg to push the pedal to its lowest point. Extend your leg and make the tip of your toes touch the ground. An extended leg allows no waste of energy rather more power. This is because your pedaling technique is not limited. When your leg is extended well, it can also be free from injury and so are your knees. A seat is too low if your knees are parallel to the ground at the highest level as you move the pedals. A seat is too high if you cannot touch the ground.

Look for a bike sizing guide which can give you smart approximations. Yes, these guides could only give approximations as sizes vary from one rider to another. Why? This is because people may have different body proportions despite definite height measurements. For example, short riders may have long arms and legs.

Finally, take your chosen bike to a test drive. While you are driving it, rate its level of comfort and performance. Well, comfort can be easily felt as you drive along. But for performance, you must look at it a little deeper. As you drive it up or down slope, how much energy does it expend? How about the speed? Can it cover a long distance at a fast speed? With this, you must have other bikes to compare with.

Add to your efforts of getting the right bike size, the selection of appropriate accessories and protective gears. When it comes to the rider's protection, nothing beats the benefits of using a helmet, gloves and pads. These too must be selected with proper sizes in mind.
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