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Racing BMX: a different kind of challenge

2016/7/25 11:40:28

Interest in racing BMX continues to grow and flourish worldwide, helped in no small part by its status as an official Olympic sport. Within the UK there are now many popular BMX racing clubs which welcome newcomers to the sport.

Racing BMX has been around in one form or another since the days of the first mass-produced BMX bikes, and for a long time was synonymous with BMX riding. Today it is a highly organised activity, run under the authority and supervision of its official governing body, British Cycling.

British Cycling not only produces guidelines on racing BMX for both clubs and individual riders, it also organises the annual BCBMX National Series of races, and the annual British BMX Championship: prestigious events in which amateur riders from all over the country are eligible to compete.

Official BMX racing competitions are also held at local level.

What attracts many riders to racing BMX is not only the opportunity to win trophies and medals in such competitions, but also the fact that the competitions are uniquely sporting and fair. Prizes are awarded according to categories that reflect both age and experience, so that very young riders and novice riders have as much chance of winning a trophy as older, more experienced riders.

This is by no means to say that racing BMX is easy however; on the contrary, it is extremely challenging, with many modern race tracks featuring hazardous jumps and banked turns (the latter known as 'berms'). It goes without saying that all riders are required to wear protective gear including a full-face racing BMX helmet.

For those interested in the organised thrill that is racing BMX it is further recommended that a more lightweight and responsive type of BMX bike is purchased. At online BMX shop, bmx.co.uk we can supply such specialist racing BMX bikes at extremely competitive prices.
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