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GT Bikes Superiority is all in the Name

2016/7/25 11:41:19

Not long ago there was "the bicycle scramble" an exciting sport which exposed pedal cycle riders similar fun just like motorcyclists.

In the earliest times, scrambling was done on special road bikes. Lots of wearing away on the bike.

As the game developed it was mandatory that there were changes and thus the birth of BMX. Bicycle Motocross (BMX) offers same excitements just like spills and the 'engine' variety. Naturally there must have been a bicycle designed to take the substantial things.

In 1979, a welding engineer, Gary Turner, with bicycle shop owner, Richard Long set up a company, going by the name GT Bicycles, went into manufacturing of only BMX bikes. All this happened because in early 1970s, Gary's son started being entangled in the comparatively new race of BMX. As an engineer, Gary had an appeal in the plan as well as toughness of the structures and found them to be frail and heavy. This prompted him to create frames for his son. He took his familiarity of drag racing industry and modified it to making the tubing in the design of the BMX bicycles. This served the younger Turner and a while later Gary's BMX frames were needed and as a result, he commenced manufacturing the frames for other BMX racers'.

1974:, Richard Long, who had the bike shop was fascinated by Gary's frames' reputation and approached him with the view to becoming a seller for his stuff. Thus it was in 79, they set up a business jointly.

Regardless of certain obstacles, the company expanded to become one of the world's enormous maker of not only BMX bikes, but also mountain and leisure bikes too, and as the establishment expanded the assortment of bikes did so too.

GT bicycles may identified by the company logo, a stamped GT and these particularly fabricated bicycles are to please BMX fans as well as folks who take to the roads, the trails and the mountains.
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