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Essential Information About Buying Childrens Bikes

2016/7/25 11:41:32

If you have a young child, you are probably already thinking about the bicycle you are eventually going to give them. Since it is going to factor heavily into the child's memories you want to make sure that you pick out the perfect one. There are several things that you need to keep in mind when you are buying childrens bikes.

Parents want to make sure that they purchase a bike that their child is going to use. By the time a parent thinks that their child is old enough for their own bike, the parent should have a pretty good grasp on their personality.

Not only are kids hard on their belongings, especially their bicycles, they also grow quickly. As nice as it would be to give your child a brand new bicycle, sometimes a used bike is the smarter option. Before purchasing a used child's bike you are going to really want to inspect it and make sure that it is in good working order. If the bike is covered in rust, or the moving parts are jammed, pass on it and look for another bike.

If you do end up purchasing a brand new bike for your child you might be tempted to save money by purchasing a bike that needs to be assembled. Before doing so consider the fact that the assembly process is never as easy as you think it will be. If you are not confident that you can assemble the bicycle properly you should purchase one that has already been put together.

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is purchasing a child's bike that is to big for their child. The idea is that the child will be able to grow into the bicycle. The problem is that if the bike is too big for the child they will not be comfortable riding it. If the bike can not be adjusted small enough for the child to handle it easily, than the parents need to look for a different bike.

Most kids do just fine when they have a 12 inch bike. The 12 inch bike is small enough for them to mount and steer easily. Some parents try purchasing a 16 inch bike thinking that their child will grow into it. More often than not the 16 inch size proves to much for the child to handle and they end up crashing, and quickly stop riding their bike. In addition to making sure that the bike is small enough for the child to handle, parents also need to make sure that the seat is set low enough that the child can reach the ground easily.

When you have plenty of time to help them and supervise, you can take the training wheels off and start teaching them how to balance and peddle. This process doesn't take long to get the hang of. Most kids picks it up within a day or two if they practice enough.

When you are buying childrens bikes you can not forget to pick up a helmet at the same time. The helmet will protect your child from most head injuries while they are riding their new bike. Make sure that the helmet is properly fitted to child's head. If the helmet ever strikes the ground it will need to be replaced.
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