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Pocket Bike Safety Tips

2016/7/25 11:42:03

Pocket bikes are not toys no matter how much they look like it. They may be designed for fun, but they can also be dangerous if they're not properly handled. Never allow unsafe practices to take away the fun from riding pocket bikes. You can have fun and remain safe as long as you follow some simple rules.

Remember to wear the right equipment. When you put on the equipment, pretend that you'll be riding a big street bike. You should wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads and as for the type of clothing, leather is your best option. You can protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses or goggles. The chin strap should also be buckled all the time. To protect your hands, wear leather gloves.

Don't forget to inspect your bike before riding. Before you ride, this should be an automatic habit. Make sure your air pressure in the tires is right. The tension of the chain should also be checked. Check also the fuel. Check the frame of the bike. Tighten any loose nuts or bolts. Don't ride if you think anything looks or sounds amiss. Most injuries from pocket bikes occur because something is wrong with the bike, and an individual rides it, anyway.

Maintenance. This isn't stressed enough. Keep every part of your pocket bike well maintained and cared for. Don't cut corners.

Staying off public streets is also a good option. In most states, pocket bikes on public streets are not allowed and many people have been hit by drivers who couldn't see them and ended up getting hurt or killed.

Do not ride in undesirable conditions that impair your vision or your ability to control the bike. Considered dangerous are fogs, darkness, and snow. If you're impaired, then don't ride your pocket bike. You wouldn't do it with a car, so don't do it with a pocket bike.

It's a bad idea to drive your pocket bike at night.

Keeping your pocket bike on smooth, hard surfaces is also a must. Remember that these aren't meant for off-road use.

Try not to double up. Single rider is what pocket bikes are designed for.

You can have hours of fun with your pocket bike without worrying about injury as long as you follow these tips.
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