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Schwinn Protocol Mountain Bike, A Perfect Bike For Anyone!

2016/7/25 11:42:20

A comfortable riding position and larger tires give a mountain bike a more comfortable ride when riding on hilly trails. Riding a mountain bike on gravel roads is great, as is riding on snow and ice. Because it has a comfortable geometry (your body's position on the bike), a wide range of gears and is very durable for the daily grind, a mountain bike is not as bad for the daily grind as you would think.

The Schwinn Protocol 2.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with 26-inch wheels features a full-suspension frame with a forgiving steel rear triangle. The front disc brake ensures the stopping power you need is readily available when you require it. It has 24 speeds with Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters that will provide you with the step-by-step power and control you need to ride over all types of terrain.

Mountain Bikes like this are made with larger tires, have hill-friendly gearing and seat you in an upright position. Mountain bikes are widely-used for a range of styles of riding whether it's on the pavement or on dirt trails. These bikes are especially designed for tough trail riding and will normally have a suspension fork. Rear suspension is optional although this mountain bike includes dual suspension. To get more versatility from a mountain bike, you can change the tires and create a bike that is ready to hit the streets!

This mountain bike is a mid range bicycle which is high quality, light in weight, and can take punishment. It is manufactured with usual Schwinn sturdiness and includes the dual suspension that you may well expect to see on a more expensive model. If you want a high quality mountain bike which will endure the tough terrain with out costing a fortune, this bike is a very good choice.

The Schwinn Protocol mountain bike arrived in perfect condition, in a large carton with all parts put together except for the front wheel, pedals, handlebar and seat. Assembly was very fast and it required less than 20 minutes to build the whole bicycle. The mountain bike in general seems sturdy and sleek while riding and the paint and decals look fantastic! We would highly recommend the Schwinn Protocol to any person wanting a wonderful mountain bike at an affordable price.
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