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Showing You Love Through The Razor Mini Pocket Rocket

2016/7/25 11:42:39

Next week my son will be seven years old. My spouse and I thought carefully what to offer him as a birthday gift. Seven years is an important age for a kid. And, as any good parents, we wanted to give him a nice gift. Last year, he did receive some puzzles. My son is really a genius and puzzles are the way to go with him. We gave him four full puzzles kits. Very nice ones and most importantly: theirs designs were incredible.

My kid did not need help to finish the puzzles though we were pleased to help him. Once finished, every puzzle went hanging in his room. After that, what else could be a great gift for such a boy ? Maybe some family trip: we and him a whole day together ! How interesting would it be ! Such a souvenir would only be for a single day. Not enough.

After thinking about all those things, we started our shopping day. First at a kids store: too many toys to look after. Electronics stuff, books and a lot lot more were all around. Even an interesting bike: the razor mini pocket rocket. What a great gift for our kid ! We went on searching the latest puzzles. We then thought it would be the same gift than last year.

Back home, we then searched for some online toys stores. There were lots of choices on various web sites. Prices were good. Besides the delivery time was less than a week. We started thinking about others options. We went to a local park and saw lots of kids playing around. It seems skates were popular those days though we found them to be a bit dangerous.

We drove back to our home. We saw some pictures of our kid. He was tall for his age. A big kid. We love him a lot and all we wanted was to offer him the best party around. His friends list was ready and up to date. 20 of his friends would be on the party that day. Cakes, lots of them, and beverages were on the list. More stuff was included and ready. Before going to bed, my wife had an idea and we finally decided what to offer to our kid for his birthday. But for now, we will sleep and keep the gifts name a secret !
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