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Places In America Where People Usually Go Mountain Biking

2016/7/25 11:43:12

What are you going to do on vacation this year? Mountain biking can make for a wonderful vacation. You can really explore America by mountain biking. Tours of scenic routes are available through many companies. These tours often come with accommodations. Athletic couples will really appreciate these relaxing but active vacations.

From major mountain trails to lesser known trails with hills and rough terrain, mountain bikers will find great adventure in biking trails in each and every region in America.

In the Southeast, North Carolina provides some beautiful mountain bike trails. The Pacific Northwest and Southwest are also popular regions for mountain bikers.

The American West Region is known for mountain biking trails, but you don't need to stop there! The Southwest area has many popular trails as well!

The Piney Canyon Road in Arizona, South Boundary Trail in New Mexico, and Flume Trail in Nevada are some of the best trails in the Southwest.

While these trails are over 20 miles long, even new mountain bikers will enjoy them. You can ride as much of the trail as you want to. There is no pressure, for example, to complete the 50 miles of rough terrain at Piney Canyon.

Some of my personal favorites are in the Pacific Northwest. Surveyor's Ridge in Oregon, Mount Tamalpais in California, and the Methow Trail System in Washington are both beautiful and relaxing while offering a challenging workout.

Mountain biking is a great sport and can make for an even better vacation. Both challenging and relaxing, it is a great vacation for couples, families, or groups. You'll create life-long memories as you challenge both your mind and your body. Gather a group of family members, neighbors or old friends and set out on an adventure you'll never forget! You may just decide to make this an annual tradition with your loved ones!
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