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A Guide On Shopping For A New Mountain Bike

2016/7/25 11:43:30

Buying a new mountain bike is an exciting experience; however it can certainly be a bit overwhelming with all the different decisions you'll have to make. Shopping as an educated consumer will only make it much easier, so I'm here to provide you with some tips that you should know before buying a new mountain bike. Don't worry, soon enough you'll be riding through the trails!

The first decision you'll need to make is how you plan on using this bike? There are several different types of bikes available, including the following: cross-country, free-ride/downhill, dirt jump bikes and all-mountain. Each bike has specific features based on the type of terrain. Cross-country bikes are made to be lighter in weight and are more nimble. They are made for all styles of trails, so they're quite versatile. Freeride/downhill bikes are heavier and sturdier in order to gain more speed for downhill rides. They can also perform on jumps as well. The all-mountain bikes combine the two types previously mentioned, while dirt jump bikes are designed in a similar fashion to BMX bikes.

After choosing the type of course you plan to ride, also consider the terrain as this may vary. If you're planning on riding trails with steep hills that are rocky, I suggest a full-suspension. For smoother paths that are flat, you won't need a suspension included.

We all want to get the best deal out there, so it's important to understand what the different components of the bike are responsible for. The drivetrain, brakes and shocks are extremely important parts of the bike. There maybe some other components important to you, which you should also consider. For example, there's a lock-out feature available on many bikes, which tightens the shocks to make riding up hills a smoother and easier climb. You can also choose between different types of shifters, design and more.

Now that you've determined the type of bike you want, finding the right size is crucial. You always want to be comfortable on your bike, so make sure to refer to a size chart if purchasing online. If you're buying your bike in a store, test out the bike. Most websites will have guidelines to follow.

Shopping online has made the available options endless. There are also great deals to be found online. In the past, you had to go to a bike shop in order to purchase a bike, but ordering online has become very simple. Amazon.com has great options available and the reviews from current owners truly help.

After following this guideline and considering everything above, you're on your way to finding a new bike. There are enough options out there to consider the components you had in mind. Many places will also make some small changes if there's something more specific you had in mind, like a different saddle.

The most important tip I can provide, is always emphasize safety. Wearing a helmet saves lives and it can save yours as well. Make sure to buy a quality helmet at checkout! Good luck shopping and enjoy the rides!
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