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What Exactly Is Bicycle Touring? I Have My Bicycle Saddle Bags Now Where Do I Go?

2016/7/25 11:43:39

Bicycle touring in its simplest definition is traveling long distances on your bike. This could mean many miles in a day or traveling a distance over several days or weeks. For the most part when I think of bike touring I think of traveling a distance on your bike with everything you need to sustain yourself.

Why do people bike tour? Many claim that they love being in the outdoors moving from place to place under their own power on their bikes. Others like attaining a high level of physical fitness while getting fresh air outdoors. Overall, all bike touring enthusiasts can agree that the main goal is always to have a great time.

Bicycle touring is basically separated into 3 different categories depending on how much weight or lack of weight you're willing to carry. We'll take a look at credit card, ultra-light, or fully loaded bike touring and what makes each unique.

Credit card touring is basically your lightest form of bike travel. Like the name suggests you don't carry much more than a credit card and a change of clothes with you when you ride. All of your meals and hotel stays are paid for by credit card. This type of touring is the best for those of you who enjoy face paced riding.

Ultra-light touring can be described as carrying loads less than 16.5 pounds. These riders typically want to carry some food, clothes and even a tent but probably still want to keep their speed high and overall bike weight down.

Last but not least, cyclists in the fully-loaded category basically carry everything they need to survive while out on the road. Items may include tent, sleeping bag, clothes, extra food and water, camping stove, foam pad, and repair and first aid kits. These cyclists truly enjoy not having to rely on anyone but themselves when out on the road.
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