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New York Bike Tour

2016/7/25 11:43:39

Ever wonder exploring New York without much difficulty? Exploring New York without spending too much? Why don't you try the Bike Tour New York located in the center of the city; near New York?s most famous park, the Central Park, where else?

There are many options to choose from when you want to rent a bike. You can lease the bike for a couple of hours or for the day. And if you want to lease the bike for a couple of days, you can always make arrangements with the representative from the rental shop. And also, you can arrange the bike to be sent to your hotel or house if you reside in New York City.

Using a bike where you can admire and appreciate more of your city is beneficial for your health. A minimum of two-hour ride in the city is very invigorating. Also, biking is a stress buster.

Tour guides are a must if you are new in New York. You can easily get lost in the city when you are not familiar with the city. And if you are staying for a couple of days and time is of essence, you would want to finish the tour with lots of places visited with only a few hours of touring. And tour guides can be arranged with the tour bike rental shop for your satisfaction.

Tour guides are trained personnel of bike rental staff. They know the city very well and the places where tourists would want to go. They can also give you information about these places and the history that they have. You can always ask them questions and there is a 99% chance that they know the answers to it, if it is related with the tour, that is.

You might want to bring your video camera or cameras if you accidentally come across stars while you are on a bike tour. And this is also for the tourist spots, monuments and historical spots around the city.

The rates on the bike tour are very affordable especially for the whole family. You can also get discounts if you are touring with a bigger group.

You can always make your arrangements or reservations online. So just browse on the internet and bike tour New York is just a click away.
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