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Choosing A Full Suspension Mountain Bike

2016/7/25 11:43:44

Year after year mountain bike manufacturers come up with better, lighter and cheaper products to make them more attractive to consumers. You may be considering a full suspension mountain bike for your next purchase. In this case you will find the following sections of this article very helpful.

Before you go out and look at some bikes it is important to consider what type of terrain will you be riding on? For normal cross country (XC) riding a full suspension mountain bike may not be justified and the extra weight may be an issue for you. In this case a hardtail might better suit your needs. However if you are going to be riding downhill or on rough terrain a full suspension bike might be a better choice.

Decide on the amount you want to spend a keep to this figure. Ideally, you should aim to buy the best bike that fits within your budget. It is often suggested that if you have less than 500 euros to spend on a bike you might want to look at a hardtail bike as full suspension models are more costly. Another option would be to look at buying a second hand full suspension bike at a reduced price.

If a full suspension mountain bike is the right choice, you will then need to consider the alternative frame designs. Single-pivot, multi link and cantilever are a few of the options but there is a vast selection of different designs and each has their pros and cons. The best way to really understand the difference is to visit a few large bike stores and test ride the different options. The bike store will have qualified staff that can provide full details of the choices available.

Remember that full suspension bikes are heavier than hardtail bikes. Full suspension frames are a little heavier and they carry more parts than hardtails so be prepared to pedal around a little more weight on the trail.

Take a look at some online mountain bike forums, where you can learn a lot from what other riders are saying about their own bikes. You can find out many useful things from the experiences of other people.

Remember make an allowance for maintenance costs. Full suspension bikes will require an increased level of maintenance due to the more complex system. If you are a DIY type you will need a few extra tools as well.

Finally, test ride as many bikes as you can before buying. Also do not forget to test ride a full suspension mountain bike with the front and or rear shock locked out.
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