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Great Places to Ride Your Bike in Maine

2016/7/25 11:43:56

Most of Maine is wooded and rather hilly. This makes for some very fun and challenging biking. There's also plenty of gorgeous scenery in this state to make your ride even more enjoyable! The following trails are some of the best that Maine has to offer.

The 26-mile run not far from Bar Harbor is pretty much a day-long trip, but it's also nice easy riding because it's entirely paved. Called the Acadia Park Loop, the challenge lies in making it the entire 26 miles-at least for beginners. But you don't have to rush, as there is a lot of great scenery, and there are attractions along the way that make it perfect for taking a break, so this trail is great place to head for a family bike ride.

Not far from Freeport, you can check out the Bradbury Mountain trails. With more than 20 miles of biking routes to select from, you'll find trails for everyone-beginning riders and experienced riders alike. Advanced bikers will love tackling the trails going up the mountain, while beginners will appreciate the easier trails on the other side of the road. All of these trails are well maintained and great riding! There is a $3 fee to ride on these trails, but it's worth it!

Another great location with lots of trails and a great variety for bikers of all levels is the City Forest near Bangor. This is a really cool place to ride because lots of the trails are ideal for exploring. Few markings and little traffic on some of the side trails makes you feel like you have the place all to yourself. And there are both easy and challenging trails so you can enjoy the route that is perfect for you.

Not far from Parsonsfield, you can find lots of different biking trails. One great location is the Cedar Mountain Loop which is a 12-mile track that includes a very steep but relatively short incline that gives way to an awesome view. On the way down you can hop various stream beds and large water bars for added adventure. Pick up a map of this entire area and head out on your bikes to make an entire day of it.

Near York Village you can find Mount Agamenticus, a complete network of trails. With terrain ranging from paved roads to sharp climbs and descents along with rocks and other obstacles to navigate, you'll have a lot of fun here. If you can, hook up with someone from the local area to go exploring since there are no maps here and it can be easy to get lost since many of the trails aren't marked.

Ten miles of trails with hills, rocks, woods, mud, and great jumps are awaiting riders near Westbrook. The Westcott Junior High School (JHS) trails have lots of little side trails to explore and enjoy, too. Check them out!

Don't forget to study maps of Maine to look for coastal biking trails and get in a few rides oceanside, as well. The phenomenal views are perfect for nature lovers and photography buffs alike. But remember-wear a helmet, bring plenty of water, be safe, and have fun!
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