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Switch Commuter Bike is Perfect For City Bikers

2016/7/25 11:43:58

People biking their way to their jobs and to grocery store or to wherever they need to be going are, no doubt, cutting costs for transportation. Aside from that, biking also helps people in keeping fit and healthy. Not to mention that such activity is good for the environment too. In fact, a lot of nations all over the globe are urging their citizens to use their bikes when they go on errands or if their workplace is just a short distance from home.

There is a wide range of mountain bikes to choose from. If you have decided to get one, then picking may be quite a challenge, considering the number of choices available to you.But if it all boils down to once choice, just pick the one that caters to your wallet and to your needs. You'll never go wrong with that choice.

But if you really want something out of the ordinary, check the Switch Commuter Bike. It is not your ordinary mountain bike and its unconventional frame really suits the urban jungle called the city. It does everything a normal bike would, and more.

It's unconventional design makes the Switch Commuter Bike stand out from the rest of the pack. Sporting a foldable frame, you can whisk it away for storage or easily carry it with you wherever you may go. Cool, huh?

A bikes durability is something you should consider when picking a mountain bike. So is the bikes weight. The Switch Commuter Bike caters to both equally. Made of lightweight yet durable carbon fiber, the Switch Commuter Bike is engineered to resist any impact and pressure and still provide a smooth ride for the rider.

Robert Dumaresq, a student designer from Monash University and the architect of this two-wheel wonder, is truly a genius. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy biking without the hassle of carrying the conventional mountain bike, this is the way to go. Apart from the design, the Switch Commuter Bike is also a fast.

In a world where the clamor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and calls for environmental conservation are increasing, the Switch Commuter Bike is the commuters best choice so far. No emissions, reliable performance, and extreme lightness and maneuverability are just some to the reasons why you should buy this bike. Hands down, the Switch Commuter Bike a great choice for those who want to save the world and stay healthy at the same time.
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