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Great Places to Ride Your Bike in New York

2016/7/25 11:44:24

The expression I love New York is popular for good reason. Most people who think of New York think of the city of New York and forget about the state. There is so much more to see that if you're one of those who only think of the city, you are in for a treat. Biking is one of the best ways to truly appreciate the jewels of this great state.

The Auburn Fleming trail near Auburn, New York is a mere three miles of old railroad bed. Since it is mostly flat it is the perfect bike trail for the novice biker or those just looking for a leisurely ride. The trail is made up of crushed gravel and dirt and is used by other pedestrians and riders. So, always be on the lookout for others. You'll be thankful for the slow pace though, because there is lots of beautiful scenery packed into this short little ride.

In Speculator, New York there is another spot that is perfect for beginners. Mason Lake has a logging road that is a gravel path about 6 miles long. It is well maintained though not well traveled. Truly an ideal spot to bring the kids, Mason Lake deserves a spot on this list.

If you are looking for a trail with a bit more to offer go to Weedsport, NY. The Erie Canal/Cayuga Country Trail System stretches from Buffalo to Albany. What is especially nice about this trail is the ability to form your own path. The 15 miles of track has many entry ways, which make it easy to customize. There is no shortage of scenery, so be sure to bring your camera.

If the Catskills are more your speed, the views from the Ninham Mountain fire tower are unbelievable. A small jaunt from Carmel, NY is a great loop of about 15 miles. This ride is not furnished with restrooms or maps or any other civilized amenity, so be sure to be mindful of where you are. In fact, riding with someone who knows the area is ideal.

The Dryer Road Bike Trails located in Victor, New York offers many options to the cyclist who is easily bored. They often add more paths as the season progresses, so a return visit is never wasted. Many of these paths pan out like that of popular ski resorts so they are often easy to navigate. In addition, the variety offers multiple paths at varying skill levels.

Recommended for the experience biker is the Hither Woods Trails in Montauk. Montauk, nicknamed "the end" is located at the eastern most part of Long Island. With over 40 miles of awe-inspiring trails and thousands of acres of park land, it is recommended that you get a map and bring plenty of water. There are plenty of gorgeous and treacherous cliffs near the water in addition to narrow paths, so you must be careful. If you can work the landscape, you'll see why the east end of Long Island is so popular with the affluent.

Hopefully we've covered a trail here that interests you. These trails also represent a wide variety of areas in New York. No matter what part of the state you find yourself in, there's always a great place to ride!
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