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Your Benefits When Using a Polar Heart Rate Monitor During Workouts

2016/7/25 11:44:38

A polar heart rate monitor presents a reliable and accurate means of measuring heart rate and instantly getting biofeedback. To help people manage their health problems, the Polar F11 was introduced as a helpful tool to maintaining fitness. The product is designed to minimize the risk of overtaxing the body while doing routine physical exercise. It is designed to digitally measure precise heart rates, which is essential to optimizing the benefits of mild to intense exercise training programs.

The monitor gives you a precise reading of your exertion level. To have effective workouts, a certain intensity must be maintained. The Polar F11 will provide you with the information you need to reach and maintain that intensity. To continuously measure the heart rate, this device is the most user-friendly and accurate monitor you can buy.

How Polar heart rate monitors work?

You wear the Polar heart rate monitor on your wrist just like a watch along with a transmitter that you wear comfortably on your chest. The transmitter wirelessly relays your heart rate information to the monitor on your wrist

Amazingly, there are no wires involved and best yet, you do not need to take your pulse and perform a multiplication equation. The wonderful part is that the display is continuous, in order to guide you properly for the duration of your workout!

Here are the Benefits!

In essence your Polar F11 becomes your coach, regardless of where you workout. It will guide you through each step of the workout. In endurance workouts, it will set your pace, preventing you from overdoing it. When you are doing tempo runs, it will keep you on track. For those interval workouts, it will calculate your workout so that you are working hard enough, yet can allow you recovery time.

Not all heart rate monitors are created equal. Investing on a Polar F11 hastens your fitness progress. In addition is protects you against dehydration by calculating and recommending recovery time.

Training with a Polar F11 puts all your workout concerns at the back of your head for it practically takes care of you. It doubles as a watch and timer that monitor your workout hours. It keeps you focused more on doing your workouts, which makes you less anxious to see results.

These highly advanced heart rate monitors can report not only on your heart rate, but your running speed, the distance you've covered (using the Foot Pod), plus your cycling speed using the speed and cadence sensors as well as the cycling distance you've covered.

The major advantage of this highly advanced monitor is the integration of all these various functions so that it acts like a professional coach right there with you.

The new Polar FT60G1 will allow you to train in the manner you desire yet allow you to reach your personal fitness targets through the use of a personalized training program.

Granted there are lower priced heart rate monitors, but you will have to do a trade off for the price. The competitor's devices that are less advanced will give you a reduced amount of precision than what you need. Those erroneous readings may easily de-motivate you. The Polar heart rate monitor's chest strap is thoroughly tested to make them as reliable as possible, and therein lies the secret behind the Polar product line.
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