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Nevada City Bike Shop, Tour It!

2016/7/25 11:44:45

When traveling across the highway 49 foothills, you will find the beautiful town of Nevada City, CA. There are many experiences to gain in the outdoors of this region. There are stunning offroad places to travel on a bicycle. The Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop is the place to see first, for all arenas of your bicycle excursions and accessories.

The expert or beginner can find all they need at The Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop. The offer bicycles for rent or sale, as well as the accessories to make your experience a positive memory. The many choices in equipment offers the rider comfortable and optimum riding performance.

There are posted riding trips most days, if the weather allows. The owners and crew at The Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop are especially experienced and talented to serve any request in their venue. The owners, Duane and Connie Strawser, have the ability to deliver service and riding information for the local areas.

What's In a Name? Everything!

This store, The Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop, is precisely what they say they are a rich tour of anything that cyclists need in one locale. In Nevada County, one can discover beautiful trails to ride, and the most outstanding bicycle race in California. Riders from all over the world come to race at one of the most difficult races anyplace, the Nevada City Bicycle Classic. The owners of The Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop are involved in the promotion of this race. Being involved in this local race is part of the fabulous experience of the Strawsers.

All the things one needs to know about bicycles can be found at the Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop. Expert advice can be sought and found here. If you are a beginner, you can find all the help you need, in a fantastic and accommodating way. Beyond the wonderful knowledge and help here, you can find an amazing list of riding events and trips for the month in their shop.

If you are headed to the California foothills for a visit, it is worth taking the time to see and experience The Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop for certain!
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