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Live Cricket - Bat and Ball

2016/7/25 11:45:05

I love live cricket. Nothing for me is more exciting then settling down to watch the old bat and ball. I prefere it greatly to football. Back in the day I was a pretty nifty player, however don't think I could last very long in a real live cricket game today!

my favorites have to be Ian Botham and Shane Warne. I wish I was like them but I don't think I ever will be. But who cares, we cant all be great, which is why I don't let it stop me picking up my favorite bat and stepping into the garden for a few cheeky bats with my nephew.

watching live cricket is somwhat of a personal hobby of mine. Nothing can beat the excitement of watching a live cricket ball go flying into the air and wondering where it is that it is going to go. Is it a 6 or and 4? Only time will tell. My batting average however was only 78, but hey that better than some other peoples!

Having said this, bowling is a major part of cricket as well and I am not bad at this I have to say. Don't get me wrong, I am no Shane Warne. He can get the ball to spin and go in a whole range of different and exciting directions. I literally could sit and watch him for hours, live cricket, nothing beats it!

you just have to see the atmosphere at a live cricket match to realise that cricket brings people together. It helps give children something to do other than loiter on street corners. They can all colate together at a local cricket club, and have a live cricket match of thier own, using Brian Lara and Warne as thier inspiration, anything is possible!

This atmosphere is present in all the cricket clubs I have been involved with. From this sense of togetherness and excitement, great results will follow, I have seen this first hand.

I enjoy the thrill of live cricket so much that I still play occasionally, at a lower level I must add. Yet the same togetherness exists, the same willingness to win, succeed and thrive as a unit, as a team.

I can only play every now and again now, as I have crippled my back, it's a shame, because I miss the feeling I get. Its an addiction I tell you. Now I stick to going to watch live cricket whenever possible, and imagining myself there right there on the batting stand!
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