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The 50cc Pocket Bike , Ride Along And Enjoy Yourself

2016/7/25 11:45:50

The 50cc pocket bike is actually designed to look like a mini motorcycle. They are usually made of steel or aluminum and are sleek and small. These bikes do not have much speed but are a lot of fun in riding over the hills.

Pocket bikes are very popular nowadays as they give you the same kind of sensation as when you ride a motorcycle but only they are little slower. You should buy a pocket bike according to your size and weight. Different varieties are available with a host of dealers and you should be able to find a bike, which suits your style.

The different types of Pocket bikes

Pocket bikes may be run either on gas or electricity. Pocket bikes that are run on gasoline will be cost effective as they use up very little gas and also will be faster than on the ones run on electricity.

The bikes that run on battery are cheaper than the gas powered ones but they are just as exciting to ride on. Moreover, they are better for children as they do not pickup high levels of speed.

Pocket bikes may be purchased in the department stores or motorcycle shops. But before buying, decide what you are going to use it for. With this in mind gather more information from the dealers. This helps you in choosing the safest and the ideal pocket bike for yourself to have fun with.

What to buy?

If you are planning to use your pocket bike just for fun, you will have to spend around US$400 upwards whereas if you are intent on racing you will need to spend much more to get that perfect bike. The ones manufactured in Italy are considered of the best quality and hence costlier. These are recommended if you intend to race. The Chinese variety is much cheaper and ideal for recreation. So spend your money wisely.

For your own safety

As the 50cc pocket bikes are quite small, they are not very comfortable. When you go for a test ride be sure that your body parts are not touching anything that they should not. After all this is looked into, you can easily control the turns in your bike. Be sure to buy accessories like a helmet, gloves, leather jacket, and chaps as they will protect you in case of an accident.

Moreover, be sure to make enquiries about spare parts availability. These 50 cc variety of pocket bikes include:
1. Engine of 50 cc with loading of 100 kilograms
2. Start and brake
3. Suspension
4. Front line and rear line
5. Drive
6. Battery

With all this in hand, be ready now to buy yourself the perfect pocket bike.
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