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What Kind Of Bike Ride Do You Want - BMX Tricks or Off Road Trails?

2016/7/25 14:01:28

When looking to buy a bike there are plenty of considerations to make these days, generally the two most popular varieties of bikes are mountain bikes and BMX, both suited to a particular riding style with many features that make it easier for the rider, get better performance and a more comfortable experience. Because the two varieties vary so differently we’re going to look at what you should be considering when buying each type you are looking at…

BMX has been around for many decades, and in many different forms too, these days BMX bikes are used to not just ride around on but to accomplish a wide range of exciting and innovative tricks. Accessories such as stunt pegs and smaller wheels are identifying features on BMX bikes. They have a smaller and sturdier frame that makes them more durable and lightweight enough to be jumped and manoeuvred around to perform tricks.

There are also BMX racing bikes that have slightly larger wheels and tyres that have deeper tread as they will need to grip the loose dirt, sand and ramps that are common features on a BMX circuit. These bikes are not going to be the best for doing tricks with, their larger wheels and aluminium frame are not ready for the heavy impact some tricks can place on your bike.

Mountain Bikes
Mountain bikes are suited to most typical cycling activities and many of those who ride bikes to work may use a mountain bike. However, they are truly at home when riding off road through a forest or over hills and mountains as their name implies. Mountain bikes will have stronger suspension either just at the front or full body suspension to provide a smoother ride when you are cycling on rough or uneven terrain.

But suspension at the front and the back can make pedalling heavier and more laborious; this means that pedalling uphill will be more of a challenge which may test some bike riders. With front suspension only, you’ll be able to getter a better sense of your energy being put to use in powering you forward and reaching better speeds.

Whichever type of bike you have had your eye on, there are plenty of options available when you visit any bike shop. New technology is helping to make bikes more lightweight yet strong enough to take a few knocks and many other features that make cycling more of a joy.

Making the choice over what type of bike riding you want to achieve will help you narrow down your search when looking for a new bike. Buy cheap BMX bikes and mountain bikes by going online and looking at the great deals that are available.

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