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Bicycling Training Can Prove to Be Very Rewarding

2016/7/25 14:50:53

As long as you maintain your bicycling training program you will never fail to derive a number of benefits not least of which is that you can bring down your finish times that will help you in case you are planning on taking part in a bicycling racing event. Average speed of bicycling is a major concern for a person that is engaged in bicycling training and so you need to understand what it takes to improve this aspect of your bicycling.

Boost Your Average Speed

With the right kind of bicycling training it is possible to give a huge boost to your average speed and in fact even the minutest increase in your average speed can result in dramatic improvements in your finish times. An average speed of say seventeen miles per hour can when it improves by an extra mile per hour will result in a shaving off of approximately twenty minutes of your bicycling time.

The best bicycling training is that of interval training which will help you in maximizing your time in training without wearing out your body as a result of hard training. Typically, this interval training works out to twenty minutes of riding followed by ten minutes of less stressed pedaling and in addition you need to also ensure that you do your bicycling training at eighty-five percent of your total strength. After this you need to allow sufficient time to cool off.

The logic behind this kind of interval training is that it is not possible to pedal for forty minutes continuously but you can break up your workouts to ensure that you still workout for forty minutes but at varying intensities of riding.

You can also use other bicycling training techniques to boost your average speed and one technique in particular that can do you a lot of good is to ride in a more efficient manner. This can be achieved simply by doing a single slow ride at least once in a week which of course is normally only possible over the weekend. While doing this ride you need to keep a pace that is maintainable to hold a conversation while riding. Such rides help to burn away fat and they also help you to slowly and gradually improve your bicycling speed.

There are many factors that you need to consider in regard to picking the right cycling training program. For one you need to begin by having a clear goal in mind so that you know when to quit and when to continue. And you also need to create a schedule for an entire year so as to suit your training style to your riding capabilities.

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