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Wine Country Cycling Tours: the Heart of Nature

2016/7/25 14:51:01

For many, a trip to wine country is self-explanatory—wine. For others, however, wine country is the epitome of nature’s beauty. The rolling hills, the bright sun, the miles and miles of green harvests and greener grass—the combined effect is breathtaking. While driving through wine country is a good way to get around quickly, it is not the best way to connect to nature. Wine country cycling tours are offered throughout California by numerous companies to help promote both a healthy lifestyle and an appreciation for nature. Whether cyclists join a tour by themselves, or join with a partner or friend, wine country cycling tours are great ways to make friends and enjoy life in the company of others looking for something new.

One Mile at a Time

Wine country cycling tours are available for half-days, full days or even multiple day trips and half marathons. Most tours include bike rental and tour guide, as well as picnic lunches and wine tastings. There are various loops and trails available; cyclists can choose based on sites they wish to see or on the pace they feel best matches their levels of fitness. There are also special packages available for wine country cycling tours. Many of these include hotel accommodations, romantic dinners at world-class vineyards and even tickets to local events. Also, there are often local wine tasting festivals that are often included on these tours—if cyclists time it right, they can enjoy both a wonderful cycling tour and a phenomenal local celebration.

Above all, tourists to wine country should not be afraid of wine country cycling tours. The tours are not impossible for non-cyclists—in fact, they are geared toward those cyclists who rarely ever touch a bicycle. While there are tours available for cycling enthusiasts looking for a new environment, most wine country cycling tours attract visitors who simply want another way to tour wine country that does not involve a car. Enjoying wine country fully means enjoying the California sunshine and fresh air of open harvest land. For individuals who would rather not have their tours guided, options are available for wine country cycling tours that include bicycle rentals, maps of the area and complimentary wine tasting tickets for various wineries. Individuals can then choose where they go and when they go, but they still have a little direction so not feel lost. Plus, cycling is always the most fun with a specific destination in mind—especially when that destination includes a world-class wine tasting and savory dinner.

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