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Gothic Charm on Czech Bike Tours

2016/7/25 14:51:12

The Czech Republic may not spring to mind immediately as a place to go on a bike tour, but it certainly a wonderful place to holiday whether on a bicycle or not. Czech bike tours are unique simply because they are a little off the beaten path. You will be experiencing things that other people have not and enjoy all the things that come with a cycling tour.

There are many roads that are conducive to Czech bike tours. If you choose to you can have a journey that takes place mostly on tarred roads with very easy terrain in between. Or you can choose a route that is mostly difficult terrain with short breaks of tarred road. The choice is yours depending on your ability and fitness level.

Easy Trails

One of the easiest trails that you can follow on Czech bike tours is a route that follows the Elbe river. This route is mostly downhill and requires little effort or a high endurance level. This is of the Czech bike tours that would be ideal for a family holiday. Even the little ones will be able to keep up and have fun. Besides stunning views of the river there are many beautiful little towns along the way.

Some of these towns have beautiful historical monuments that you can visit. Do your research and decide which towns you would like to visit and which monuments are truly different and of interest to you. There are also some castles along this route and a detour to visit these places is definitely a must. If only to say you have been to a castle.

Timing Your Holiday

Czech bike tours have to be timed carefully just like any cycling holiday to make sure that you have nice weather. It is no fun cycling when the weather is unbearably hot or suffering from heatstroke midway through your holiday. The summer months of July and August are quite hot and crowded as this is peak tourist season. If you want to take your time when visiting places of interest and don’t want the crowds then avoid this time of the year.

The weather is pleasant around the months May, June and September. However if you have to go in July and August choose the mountain trails, as they will be cooler and good cycling weather, especially if your days are going to be long ones. April to October are considered the best months for Czech bike tours, so plan your time and journey around these factors.

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