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You Should Experience Mountain Biking In Australia

2016/7/25 15:05:29

Thousands of people visit Australia every year to see the famous sites and meet the notoriously friendly Aussies. If you are looking for something unique and exciting to do on your visit, Mountain Biking in Australia has been gaining popularity among tourists. Mountain biking is an adventurous way to tour the country and see the amazing sites the country has to offer.

For riders who are unsure of their mountain biking experience level and want to have multiple options, Otway Ranges, Victoria is the perfect place to go. The area is full of trails for any and every level of rider, and is a great place to spend the day. If you go with the family, some can ride and some can walk because the trails are open for both riders and hikers. Since many of the trails are meant for walkers and bikers, you may have to dismount your bike at parts and walk through especially narrow or steep areas.

If you are a beginner mountain biker, then Otway Ranges have options for you as well. The trails come with ratings so you can know their difficulty level before you embark on a mountain biking adventure. If you are unsure of your level, it is best to start slow so you do not end up riding a trail that is too difficult for you and possibly dangerous.

Many of the advanced trails were professionally designed by an expert in the field to make the trails flow in a way that walking trails do not. Advanced riders will be both challenged and entertained while they ride down these expertly designed trails. Even some of the beginner trails were mindfully designed to provide easy, yet exciting rides.

If you are visiting the Melbourne area of Australia, there are some great trails nearby in Kinglake National Park. The important thing to remember when riding trails in a National Park is that the area is protected but opened up to the public. If you abuse the area and leave trash behind or stray from the designated trail and damage native (and possibly endangered) flora, access to the area could be restricted for everyone.

Something you will learn as you become more experienced in mountain biking is that it is important to be respectful of your fellow trail users; especially walkers and hikers. Many trails are not meant for exclusive use by mountain bikers, and are often shared with walkers. The Great Dividing Trails in Australia are a great example of beautiful trails that are harmoniously shared between walkers and bikers.

For longer rides, the Bicentennial National Trail is the way to go. You can take a mountain biking road trip across Australia, stopping where you please to sleep and eat. The trails pan across 5,500km of beautiful terrain, and provide bikers with a complete Australian sightseeing experience.

Mountain biking in Australia is the best way to experience the natural beauty of a spectacularly breathtaking country. Leave the traditional Australian tours to the tourists, and unleash the adventurer in you by seeing the sites via mountain bike! You will come away with more rugged and authentic photos, and interesting tales of your Australian adventure.

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