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How To Do BMX Stunts

2016/7/25 15:54:58

For those who love BMX biking, it is fun to know how to do BMX stunts. Thousands of stunts can be done on BMX bikes that do not require expertise. Some are difficult and complex; others are simple, fun and good to watch. To do BMX stunts you simply need a BMX bike and a lot of practice. Here are some BMX stunts that you can learn to do easily.

  1. Endo is one of the easiest tricks to perform on bikes. This trick is performed on the biking track elevation. The bike is brought on the ramp in a way that the front tire is in line with the edge of the ramp. Now holding on to the handle bars pick up the back tire, jamming your left foot between the mud guard and the front tire. Picking up the back tire will make one tire leave the ground and the other to swoop around.
  2. Infinity roll is one trick that is good to watch and not very hard to learn. Use your bike’s back peg and put your foot on the tire. Now move the bike by kicking the tire and pump it back into place with force. Do this repeatedly until you get the momentum and the bike starts to move with just one scuff. During scuffing, turn the bar handlers so that the bike is not unbalanced and it keeps moving in a circle.
  3. Bunny- Hopping is the most popular trick of all BMX stunts. To do this trick, pull the bars of your bike up so that the front tire is at least one foot high. Then tilt the pedals with the help of your feet and pull up more. This will help you to attain some more height. The more you practice this trick the better you will get at it.
  4. Bar spinning is very easy to do, is incredibly appealing to the eye and is a renowned BMX stunt. In this one you move to back pegs and grab your seat with one hand while spinning the bar at 180 or 360 degrees with the other hand. You can do this on the ground as well as off the ground.
  5. Fire Hydrant Trick is one of the popular BMX stunts. When your bicycle is rolling, place your right foot on the left back peg and your left foot on the left front peg. Apply the brakes quickly in order to lift up the back tire. You can also put your weight to use by leaning forward to make it better.
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