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How To Install And Properly Tighten New Bike Pedals

2016/7/25 16:02:59

If you want to find out how to install and properly tighten new bike pedals, you will need the right tools or the task will be hard to accomplish. Make sure you try to replace the pedals with similar ones if possible. It is a good idea to work on your bike in an area where you can spread out your tools without losing any when you try to install and properly tighten new bike pedals.

To install and properly tighten new bike pedals, you will need:

  • New Pedals
  • Wrench
  1. Remove the old pedals from your bike. Depending on the type of bike you have, you may need to purchase a special wrench in order to remove the pedals and properly tighten new bike pedals. Try to use a common adjustable wrench first, and then go to a hardware or cycling store to buy the right wrench if you cannot get the old pedals off of the bike.  
  2. Move the old pedals out of the way once you remove them. If you are discarding the old pedals altogether, toss them in the trash so none of the loose parts get mixed up when you are trying to properly tighten new bike pedals. Be careful of sharp edges on the bike once you have taken the old pedals off, so you do not cut yourself.
  3. Install and properly tighten new bike pedals. Make sure to take your time and do the job right. Once you have the pedals on, tighten them as much as possible with the wrench, so they do not become loose when you are out riding.
  4. Ride the bike after you properly tighten new bike pedals. See if the bike operates properly with the new pedals installed. You can always take the bike to a cycling store, if you think you need a professional to take a look at the installation job you did.
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