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5 Best Bicycle Seat Covers

2016/7/25 16:07:37

Everyone wants to be comfortable when bike riding; use this list of the 5 best bicycle seat covers to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. No longer will you have to spend a couple of days nursing a sore butt just because you wanted to have a little fun. Check out our list of the best bicycle seat covers we’ve found:

  1. Bell Gel Relief Bicycle Seat Cover. The gel alone deserves a spot on our list of the best bicycle seat covers. Since it’s wrapped up in one nice seat cover, there is even more to be excited about. The super thick pad and breathable lycra cover are to die for.

  2. Mongoose Gel Bicycle Seat Cover. This had to put it on the list of the best bicycle seat covers because you can use it with our stationary bike at home! The double gel padding keeps everything nice and cushioned for a long ride either indoors or out.

  3. Vitesse Triple Gel Bicycle Seat Cover. This cover helps reduce vibrations on long rides, which adds to comfort when you least expect it. This is one of the best bicycle seat covers on the market because it’s affordable, it’s well built, and it prevents saddle sores.

  4. Sunlight Cloud Nine Gel Bicycle Seat Cover. In addition to the comfortable gel, a thick layer of padding is also responsible for aiding in a longer ride without having to worry about how you will feel later. The non slip seat fits easily over any seat, and the drawstring that helps keep it in place is what put this one on the list of the best bicycle seat covers.

  5. Serfas Waterproof Seat Cover. The Serfas is a waterproof option on the list of the five best bicycle seat covers for those of you who love to ride in the rain. This fits most seats easily and remains snug for reliable performance.

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