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How To Build BMX Dirt Ramps

2016/7/25 16:14:04

Instead of relying on other sources for BMX jumping, find out how to build BMX dirt ramps. You will have to do some serious manual labor, so it is a good idea to get some other BMX riders to help you. Draw up the BMX course on paper, using the amount of space you have available, and place the ramps far enough apart so you can gather enough speed after each jump you land. Once you have a finished plan, call up your riding friends and start to build BMX dirt ramps.

  1. Clear away all loose debris and rocks from your BMX dirt ramp area. Work around the outside of the course, and start to pile dirt into a wheelbarrow. Create your first ramp by unloading the dirt and mashing it down after each stack. As the ramp begins to take shape, taper it down so the end of the ramp is higher than the beginning. How high you decide to build BMX dirt ramps depends on your experience level.
  2. Move on to the next ramp location. Repeat the process you used to create your first ramp. Have one of your friends water down the first ramp, while the rest of you complete the second one. Water it as well after you have finished the pile.
  3. Continue to build as many BMX dirt ramps as you need. After you have finished, return to the first ramp which should be finished drying out after it was watered. Add more dirt, and make sure the angle and height are what you need.
  4. Try out your BMX dirt ramps to see how they hold up. If the dirt is too loose, add more and water the ramp again. Keep repeating this until the ramps are solid enough to withstand the pounding of your jumps.
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