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How To Wash Cycling Shorts

2016/7/25 16:18:42

Learning how to wash bicycle shorts will extend their useful life. Washing bicycle shorts is a simple task but takes a little more than tossing them in the washer and dryer. Properly washing bicycle shorts means you need to know a little about the materials used and is it is padded or not. Washing bicycle shorts means carefully caring for them. The materials most commonly used are nylon, lycra and enforced polyester with padding made of cotton fibers tightly woven. Proper washing of this material will keep it firm and looking sharp longer. For this reason, it is in your best interest to learn how to wash bicycle shorts the proper way.

What you will need to complete the job:

  • Washing machine or sink
  • Mild detergent
  • Dryer or line drying capabilities

Tip: Wash your bicycle shorts after every outing that you sweat. The oils and perspiration will damage the fibers and cause your bicycle shorts to be uncomfortable.


  1. Turn the bicycle shorts inside out. If there is removable padding, remove the padding and soak them in the sink in lukewarm water. Turn the washing machine on, small load and cold water. Allow some water to fill the bottom before putting in a small amount of mild detergent.
  2. Allow the detergent to mix in the washer before placing in the bicycle shorts. Close the lid and allow the washing machine to run through gentle cycle with extra rinse. If washing by hand use a small amount of mild detergent in a lukewarm sink. Wash briskly by rubbing the material together. Rinse under lukewarm water.
  3. Do not dry on the dryer unless you have fluff dry cycle available. Better method of frying for machine or hand wash is to hang the shorts up or flat dry. If you have padding, allow for partially dry than lay a book or pan over the cushioned area to pad the cushion down as it dries. This will eliminate the pillowing effect.
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