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Baja California: A Haven For Outdoor Enthusiasts

2016/7/26 16:16:07

If you don't have any interest in outdoor activities, Baja California Sur, with the exception of Cabo San Lucas, probably isn't for you. However, if you are one of the many who find peace, solace and adventure of outdoor activities addictive, chances are you'll never want to leave Baja. Imagine a place where you can experience just about every warm-weather outdoor activity known to mankind, and you have conjured Baja California Sur. Whether you prefer to enjoy the Sea from a hilltop view or sail its magnificent waters, you will find innumerable outdoor activities in Baja California Sur. So what activities does Baja offer the outdoorsy type? Let's explore the most popular activities in Baja California Sur:

Kayaking, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding in Baja

From Mulege to Cabo Pulmo, Kayaking the Sea of Cortez is one of many Kayakers' dream paddles. From the pristine Bahia Concepcion to La Paz' stunning Isla Espiritu Santo to Cabo Pulmo, the Sea Of Cortez' only living coral reef, Kayaking the Sea Of Cortez is a paddler's dream. In winter, you'll be comforted by cooler temperatures when paddling from the near-constant breeze. Kayakers should be aware that said breezes can turn into strong winter winds. In the spring and summer, Kayaking the glassy waters of the Sea of Cortez is heavenly: The clarity of the East Cape waters is peerless in the Spring and Summer, when visibility can reach 80 to 100 feet deep. Kayaking the South Cape near Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo is also beautiful, and far more convenient for day-trips than trekking to the East Cape. Bona fide sea Kayaking tours are available on Baja's wild and windy Pacific coast; These challenging tours are best reserved for intermediate to advanced Kayakers. Those brave enough to endure the challenging Pacific coast will be rewarded with absolutely deserted beaches, magnificent views and phenomenal adventures. Baja Atlas recommends several reputable Kayak guides who are knowledgeable and experienced in Baja. Please find the Outdoor Activity section for your desired area to choose your perfect guide. During the winter months, the spectacular Baja winds transform the Sea of Cortez from a glassy oasis to the perfect windsurfing and kiteboarding paradise. From Loreto to south of Los Barriles, the Sea of Cortez' constant and consistent winter winds and warm daytime temperatures create a perfect environment in which to hone your windsurfing or kiteboarding skills. Kiteboarding is quickly becoming the most popular sport in Los Barriles and colorful kites dominate the skyline on Los Barriles' main beach. In the summertime, die-hard windsurfers and kiteboarders can still find consistent winds in La Paz, as the Coromuel winds bring a constant breezes beginning in mid-afternoon and lasting throughout the evening. The Pacific Coast is best reserved for advanced windsurfers and kiteboarders, as the incredibly powerful waves and strong rip-tides can lead an inexperienced boarder to danger. The South Cape rarely sees consistent winds, and both Kiteboarding and Windsurfing are more difficult to learn on the South Cape. Kiteboarding and Windsurfing should always be taught by experienced professionals: Please find listings for reputable Kiteboarding schools and Windsurfing guides in Baja Atlas' Outdoor Activity section.

Cycling and Hiking Baja

Whether you prefer the expansiveness and elegance of road cycling, the challenge of desert mountain trails or exploring an endless pacific beach with a fat-tire bicycle, Baja is one of the most perfect places to hop on a bicycle and explore. Many die-hard cyclists tour from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas by way of dusty Route 1, and those who love endurance cycling have likely researched Baja California for an upcoming cycling tour. And unless you are an experienced cyclist, I recommend taking an initial first tour with a cycling group or guide. Though innumerable off-road bicycle trails are available, these trails are rarely marked and create a confusing maze for the inexperienced Baja Cyclist. It's hard to get lost on Highway 1, but inexperienced Baja cyclists may plan badly and inadvertently spend a waterless night camping on a deserted and dry highway if they aren't careful. Groups are definitely the safest way to travel while cycling, and Baja Atlas offers several different reputable guides for biking Baja. With thousands of Kilometers of trails, desert scenery, alpine forests, vistas of both the Pacific Ocean and The Gulf of California, Desert Oases, lagoons and unique flora and fauna galore, you'd be hard-pressed to see every morsel of beauty Baja Sur has to offer even if you had a lifetime to explore. Hiking in the desert comes with its own set of challenges: Much like with biking, Baja's hiking trails aren't always well-marked and they are woven together like a knitted scarf. It is wise to carry more water than you think you need and, if you are hiking solo, don't veer off from marked trails unless you are a seasoned thru-hiker. Much like with other sports in Baja, the inexperienced are best suited to travel with a guide: If you only have a few days to enjoy Baja on foot, why not see the most special spots, guided by knowledge and experience? Remember, if you are hiking Baja's trails, be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, water and snacks for your day-trip. If you choose to trek without a guide, the Pacific Coast from Todos Santos to Cabo San Lucas is almost entirely beach. Miles of sand are often interrupted with a well-trailed outcropping; It is hard to get lost when you are hugging the coastline, and beach-hiking the Pacific coast is awe-inspiring.

Surfing and Sailing in Baja California

Blessed with amazingly consistent year-round breaks, Todos Santos and its environs offer some of the best surfing in Baja. San Pedrito, which is a beach break slightly north of Todos Santos, dishes out fairly consistent swells. Las Cerritos, which is situated near Km 66 in between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in which you can learn to surf. The beauty of Cerritos is that breaks are suitable for beginner-to-advanced-level surfers. If you are still learning how to surf, you'll need to stay closer to the safer breaks. Surf with a knowledgeable school or teacher until you understand the Pacific waters. If you drive past the Bay of Conception in January and you've acquired your sea legs, you might notice how shockingly empty the beautiful, pristine anchorages tend to be. If you've been one of the few to enjoy boat ownership, you'll wonder why you don't have a vessel anchored in those clear, calm waters. At least, I did. When you sail Baja, you have the choice of navigating both the randy Pacific ocean and the more tranquil Gulf of California. Constant winter winds in the Sea of Cortez make for outstanding winter sailing; You'll be hard-pressed to find an excuse to start your motor with the sort of consistency the culf winds offer. For sailors, sailing Baja is well-worth the complications with fees and other issues cruising sailors have to endure when they visit Mexico. Although, a visitor could bypass all headaches simply by chartering a boat. Luckily, there are plenty of bareboat and captained charter companies in BCS. There are also options for swimming beaches, ATV tours and horseback-riding tours in Baja. With this many activities to choose from, I doubt you'll ever be bored is you like outside as much as I do. Here's to getting off your comfortable couch and exploring Baja's most beautiful and natural pleasures.

Snorkeling and Diving Baja California Sur

There are few places on earth more desirable than Baja California Sur for year-round snorkeling and diving. From the Bahia Concepcion on the Sea Of Cortez to much of the South Cape near Cabo San Lucas, myriad snorkeling spots shine through rocky outcroppings and clear blue seas. Arguably the most pristine area in Baja California Sur, Bahia Concepcion glistens and has amazingly calm waters chock-full of healthy marine life. Southward from the Bay of Conception, avid snorkelers and divers will find a dizzying array of excellent diving spots that pepper the bays and islands of the Gulf of California. Just a short drive south from Los Barriles, you'll find the breathtaking and quiet Cabo Pulmo National Park, which harbors the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. The marine life at Cabo Pulmo is expanding; Thanks to an excellent volunteer program and a strict ban on fishing, Cabo Pulmo's marine life and coral structures are healthier than they have ever been. Snorkeling and diving guides and tours are available near the cities of Mulege, Loreto, La Paz, Los Barriles, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Several of the tour guides that list on Baja Atlas also offer destination trips to Cabo Pulmo and otherwise inaccessible offshore islands.

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