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Cycling (fietsen): An Excellent Way Of Shedding Extra Pounds When Strenuous Exercise Is Prohibited!

2016/7/26 16:16:19

At the age of forty doctors do not recommend strenuous exercise when you suffer with joint pains. It happened with me last year when I had to shed my extra overweight and on the other hand I had developed joint pain problem. I was tensed how to shed my extra pounds without doing strenuous exercises. I consulted my doctor and was strictly prohibited to go to gym. I desperately look for an alternative to gym. One day I was sitting and gossiping with my friend at home on dinner and discussed about my joint pain. She suggested me to adopt cycling as form of exercise. She told me that riding a bicycle (fiets), either freestanding or stationary, is an excellent form of exercise that improves my general health while being gentle on my joints. People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit as it offers variable resistance from easy cycling to explosive sprints. It’s also a great way to have fun, get fit and spend time with friends and family.

Though in the beginning I was a bit scary of adopting it as regular exercise, however I went deeper to explore the different kinds of bikes available in the market. I found that with right selection of bike and regular cycling can help manage or prevent many disorders, including obesity, coronary heart disease and arthritis. Gradually I learnt that those who cycle (fiets) regularly and use cycling as a form of transport remain healthier. The biggest benefit of cycling is that it is eco-friendly and contributes a lot to protect us from air and noise pollution.
Since I have been cycling for a pretty long time and I saw tremendous improvement in my health. I am now able to shed my extra pounds that I desired. I have decided that I would make it my form of exercise as long as I can. Cycling helped me in various ways:

�Regular cycling is very effective in strengthening my immune system and building resistance power. Since I adopted it a form of exercise I do not easily get affected by infections and communicable disease.

�It strengthens our muscles. It is said that if one cycles daily for an hour, it keeps you fit and in shape. In the middle age when body muscles start shrinking, cycling activates our body muscles increase you endurance. Cycling affects whole of our body muscles. For e.g. pedalling movement strengthen our leg muscles, bikes work the heart muscle and pushing down on the pedals works the quadriceps, which is the front of the thigh. The calf muscles are worked each time you elevate your heel to help pull the pedal.

�The skeleton system is the body’s support mechanism. It holds the muscles, tendons, and the ligaments together. Cycling has a positive effect on bone density and strength it.

�Those who have been in constant back pains or concerns, cycling stimulate their lower back and its muscles. The posture during cycling is optimum to strengthen the lower disc region.

So buy bike (fietsen kopen) of your own choice now and enjoy fun while doing exercise. Cycling is an effective way of light weight exercise. Cycling is a healthy way of living as it keeps you fit through the day for your daily routines.

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