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Cycling Accessories And Clothing From High On Bikes

2016/7/26 16:16:19

High on Bikes is a new cycling spare parts, accessories and clothing online bike shop. They sell a wide variety of cycling accessories including lights, locks, mudguards and car racks.With the success of Team GB’s Olympic cycling squad, cycling is more popular than ever.

When cycling in the dark it’s vital to be properly lit so that you can be seen by drivers, and with the long winter nights drawing in it’s important to make sure you have lights on your bike. High on Bikes sell LED lights for the front and back of bikes in order to keep you safe in the dark.

For the tech savvy ridersamong you High on Bikes sell a range of on bike computers. These small screens are designed to collect data about your bike ride and your performance. Cycling computers monitor your current, maximum and average speed along with distance travelled and cadence (the number of revolutions of the crank per minute).

If the weather’s bad outside or if you want to improve your stamina before tackling the big hills you can buy turbo training accessories from High on Bikes. The turbo trainer mat protects floor surfaces and can dampen sounds, a great purchase if you live above someone in a flat. High on bikes also sell a range of indoor tyres which are designed to reduce noise and can be bought to mimic road bikes or mountain bikes. You can also buy a home trainer sweat guard to prevent corrosion, this secures around the handlebars and seat post and is made from moisture absorbing materials for maximum protection. You can also buy a selection of padded bags to protect your indoor cycling gear.

High on bikes sell a range of products to improve your comfort and performance whilst cycling. You can buy energy drink powder, electrolyte drink tablets, recovery drink powder and isotonic gel sachets to improve your energy and recuperate you after a bike ride. You can also buy energy bars, waffles and protein bars to keep your energy up whilst cycling. High on bikes also sell a range of body butters and moisturisers designed to prevent saddle sores and reduce friction when cycling. Muscle warming cream can be bought to protect muscles against the cold in the winter.

High on bikes also sell specialised cycling clothing for all weathers. With the wettest summer on record water proof cycling clothing is ideal. High on bikes sell thermal waterproof caps, waterproof wind breaking gillets andwaterproof gloves and socks to keep you warm and dry. You can also buy cycling thermals; you can buy thermal jackets, tights, hats, gloves and arm warmers. High on Bikes thermal clothing is designed to be highly flexible and super soft to increase comfort. High on Bikes can provide you with waterproof and thermal cycling clothing to protect you from the elements.

So if you are a cycling enthusiast looking to improve come to www.highonbikes.com for training and cycling accessories and warm winter cycling clothing.

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