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Cycling Shoes: Limited Selection At Brooks

2016/7/26 16:16:56

Some companies specialize in one kind of athletic shoe. Brooks Running Shoes leaves little doubt as to this company's specialty.

Brooks - For Runners Only

Brooks is the runners' shoe company. At least that is the message the company does its best to spread around. Runners have no doubt that this company makes its shoes for runners, always keeping the individual performer in mind. You won't find a selection of footwear for other sports and the choices for cycling shoes, for example, are limited to two styles that may also qualify as a running shoe.

Innovative Shoe Advisor

Reputable companies that survive long term know that customer support and service have to be part of the puzzle. Brooks is certainly no stranger to customer service or attention to detail. The company Web site features a "shoe adviser" on which the potential customer can list what they are looking for in a running shoe. The details about racing, walking, training for a particular competition, will help the customer and the company provide just the right shoe. Those who take part in competition can specify track, road or even cross-country as their particular area of interest. The Web site generally offers three different designs/styles based on the information gathered. The shoe adviser will also work with information such as male, female, running surface, body weight, even height of the individual foot arch.

Suppose a potential or repeat customer provides information to the shoe adviser that states the individual runs on an artificial surface track rather than on a cross-country course or on the road. In this case, the customer would get recommendations to fit exactly the type of running the individual anticipates.

This special service of Brooks Running Shoes includes videos of what the company calls "motion mechanics." Unusual tendencies may lead the customer to a particular shoe that will help correct that tendency or a shoe that will work with the tendency. One particular design is made for trail running and provides extra cushion, rock shield and material that is quick to dry when the shoe gets wet. Most Brooks shoes have a price tag of around $100, give or take a bit. This includes some that are specifically designed to work with problem running styles.

Other Running Resources

While Brooks may not be the best source for cool bikes or cycling shoes, there are a number of resources that make this company the best place to go for running footwear. Brooks seeks out individuals who want to wear "test" shoes and report on performance. First-time visitors may want to look for running tips on the Brooks site as well.

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