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Cycling Jerseys: A Popular Secret

2016/7/26 16:17:45

Cycling as a sport has been around for over a century. Almost as soon as bikes were first made, biking enthusiasts began challenging one another. The 1890's saw a huge surge in the popularity of racing, and the era became known as the "Golden Age of Cycling." Huge events were held in the U.S. and Europe, and nearly all large cities had a velodrome for bike races. Everyone wanted a bicycle, and this newfangled means of transportation became a major type of recreation.

Today, cycling is still a popular sport as well as a means of transportation in many cities around the globe. Cycling races are popular, though comparatively not as followed in the U.S. as it is in other nations. The Tour de France, first held in 1903, however, has , over the past decade, captured the attention of Americans thanks largely to the success of champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.

One of the trademarks of cycling is the bright, streamlined cycling jersey worn by racers. Adopted by cycling fans everywhere, these jerseys are made of breathable fabric and hug the body, creating no wind resistance. The smooth silhouette accentuates cyclists' fit torsos.

There are hundreds of jersey styles available to both recreational and professional cyclists. There are trendy "old school" jerseys available from Adidas, Santini, and other companies, collegiate jerseys from colleges worldwide, and jerseys representing high profile racing teams from all over.

Though cycling jerseys were designed for racers, they are commonly seen on riders just out for pleasure on a weekend afternoon. The comfort these cool jerseys provide insures their popularity among riders of all types.

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