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Enhanced Cycling Performance Tips � Heart Rate Training

2016/7/26 16:18:25

If you are looking for the most effective cycling performance tips, hire a professional cycling coach today. Another tip that can help you in improving your cycling performance is regular monitoring of your heart rate. In point of fact, it is monitoring your heart rate is a type cycling coaching where you use your heart rate to measure your cycling efforts and the progress of your cycling performance. Heart rate monitoring doesn’t require expensive equipments that will cost thousands of pounds as a simple Heart Rate Monitor that cost 40 or more can be enough to start with. Needless to say, if you work with a professional cycling coach, they can ask you to buy the best equipment.
Before you begin with cycle coaching by monitoring your heart rate, you must have three measurements, namely, your resting heart rate, lactate threshold and maximum heart rates. You can ask your professional cycle coach to measure these for you or else you may find a few cycle coaching centers located in your region to help you in taking these measurements. Keep in mind, the more precise the measurement you start with, the more effective your heart rate training will be.
The best way to measure your resting heart rate is to measure it first in the morning after you get up in the morning. It is more helpful if you measure your heart rate on a weekend because it is the time when you wake up naturally in a very relaxed mood. You can use a clock or watch to count the number of your heart beats in 1 minute. The measurement will give you your resting heart rate.
Measure your lactate threshold is the trickiest measurement to take and it is near to impossible to take this measurement on your own. Hence, you the best way to measure is to hire professional cycling coach to help you in taking the measurement of your lactate threshold. You can take this test either on a turbo trainer or on the road, but it is very much easy to measure it on a turbo trainer.
You just need to warm up yourself for half an hour through simple cycling and stretches and then ride as fast as you can for another half an hour. Your average heart rate over the last half an hour will be close to your lactate threshold. Now just reset your heart rate monitor before the last half an hour to calculate the average. As it look quite complex hence it is easiest to this test indoor through the assistance of a professional cycling coach.
The test to measure your maximum heart rate is simplest among all the above-mentioned tests but at the same time, it is the most inflexible measurement to take. It’s very simple because it is just the fastest rate of your heart beats, but it toughest because you will have to ride to your maximum capacity to measure your maximum heart rate accurately. Before measuring your maximum heart rate, make sure you consult your doctor or a progressive cycling coach. Your maximum heart rate can be measured by riding on an indoor bicycle or on the road going uphill, the choice is totally yours.
Simply warm up yourself and then try to ride to your maximum capacity on an indoor bicycle or on a uphill as hard as you can for at least 1 minute, have half minute recovery by slowing down and or going downhill. After half a minute recovery, repeat it again and again and you get exhausted. Then count your number of heartbeat in 1 minute to get your maximum heart rate. This process is called heart rate training and it helps a lot a lot in enhancing your cycling performance. If you live in UK and seeking some cycling performance tips to enhance your cycling performance, contact experienced cycling coach Dan Bennett through his website http://www.progressivecyclecoaching.co.uk

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