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Hotspots For Washington Fly Fishing

2016/7/16 16:37:34

It is well known among many experienced fishermen that fly fishing in the great state of Washington can be a wonderful experience. The opportunities to catch a beautiful salmon or steelhead abound when you are casting your fly on the beautiful rivers, streams, and bays that dot Washingtons coastline.

Probably one of the most popular fly fishing destinations is the Yakima River. Nestled just outside the Cascade Mountains, the Yakima is well known for giving up some incredible fish. Because the weather in Washington can get quite cold in the winter months, the best fishing can usually be found in the spring and early fall. You will have an experience beyond your wildest dreams when you fish the Yakima.

Another great place for fly fishing in Washington is the Jurassic River located in the Northwest Corner of Washington. This river has incredible insect hatches that attract world class trout. The temperature on the river year round averages 48 to 65 degrees which makes for great fishing in any season. The best fishing, however is during low light in the summer months of June through August.

Described as a magical place for fly fishing, the Olympic Peninsula is a perennial favorite for a Washington fly fishing getaway. The forests and rivers in this place provide great scenery, and a wonderful adventure.

Deep dense forests, trees bearded with long strands of moss and ground covered with ferns add to the mysteriousness of this place. Strands of clouds hang in the creases of the forested mountains. Much of the time, it is so misty you can't even see the mountains. You will catch world class steelhead when fishing the Olympic Peninsula, so get ready for an amazing adventure!

There are many rivers on the Olympic Peninsula, many of which provide great fly fishing and record catches. The rivers are known for the trophy salmon and winter steelhead that they produce. The Quinault and Queets Rivers are home to some of the largest native Salmon and Steelhead ever landed. Prepare yourself for an angling experience to remember.

In addition to the native runs of trophy Salmon and Steelhead, the Quinault Indian Tribe operates three fish hatcheries producing thousands of returning hatchery fish each season. Opportunities abound for anglers in search of hatchery steelhead and salmon!

There is no doubt that when you are planning to go fly fishing in Washington, you will have many great experiences ahead of you. Many of the rivers are catch and release waters, so you probably wont be able to bring your prized fish home, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you were lucky enough to fly fish in some of the most beautiful waters in the Northwest United States.
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