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SPRO Introduces a New Tournament Format

2016/7/21 11:40:01

With the SPRO frog only Tournament coming up on Sept. 6 the leadership is releasing a new and creative idea to accommodate the nearly 400 expected entries. As the management of the tournament met last year to review the tournament it was clear that if we could tweak the entry process it would be easier to accommodate the wishes of the fisherman. We had an enormous amount of late entries and the feeling was that many frog fishermen have several beliefs about when the best frog bite occurred.

There were your traditionalists that always believe the best bite occurs at first light and they always entered the tournament with the wishes of getting a low boat number to get on the water early! We also found that many of the fisherman felt strongly that the best frog bite occurred mid morning and tried to pick an early enough sign up so they could hit the water with a strong presence in mid morning. Then the late entries all told us it was more about getting on the water the latest part of the day possible so they tried to show up and sign up at the meeting to grab the latest flight out possible.

So the leadership came up with a sign up process that allows you to pick your flight, the hope is you can go in see when your blasting off and returning pick your 搑ather?and be done with it. Extremely creative and accommodating, you want the last flight, go for it now and you will get your wishes; no one has used this idea in many years but in the heat of the summer we all fish differently and allowing you to pick your flight couldn抰 be more accommodating.

The only thing we must realize is this process will have to be condensed at some point in the 揼et ready stage.?So if we don抰 receive the estimated 400 boats the times may change and be condensed at the last minute so we don抰 have dead time at the weigh-ins! So please check and be ready for your blast off time to be condensed if we have to pull the times together!
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